Why Did Frank Kill Bonnie's Dad On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? He Could Be Proving His Loyalty

Frank ran off after Annalise found out that he helped kill her unborn child on How To Get Away With Murder (he facilitated a car crash), and Annalise in turn sent an assassin to kill him, also. Frank being Frank, he escaped and has been on the lam ever since. One would assume that he went somewhere to hide, but no — he went to the prison where Bonnie’s father was being held and killed him. Why did Frank kill Bonnie’s dad on How To Get Away With Murder ? The timing seems very strange.

Bonnie’s father sexually abused her from a very young age, so let’s not pretend that Frank didn’t do Bonnie a favor here. He’s been in jail for a very long time, but Frank has also known Bonnie for a long time, too. Why did Frank choose now, the moment he was fleeing from Annalise, to head to Coalport, Pennsylvania, find Bonnie’s dad, and make him breathe hydrogen sulfide to “melt [his] lungs from the inside out.” I’m not going to pretend like Bonnie’s father was a redeemable character, but I don’t know why Frank made a beeline to murder him now. Couldn’t he have taken care of Bonnie’s father at any time over the past decade in which he’s known Bonnie? To quote Elle Woods, “Why now?”


I think it has something to do with Frank and his loyalty to Annalise. He knows that Annalise sent someone to kill him, and Frank’s killing of Bonnie’s dad was an act for Bonnie to know that Frank was still on her side. Frank knew that Laurel knew where he was and that she and Bonnie would connect the dots, and when Bonnie told Laurel not to tell Annalise that it was all probably Frank’s doing, I wasn’t surprised. It seemed like a message that Bonnie understood, and she’s not going to blow Frank’s cover now, either. Ding dong, Bonnie’s dad is dead on How To Get Away With Murder, and no one, especially not Bonnie, is sorry.

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy