Kids Greet Prince William & Kate Middleton While Wearing Will & Kate Masks, & The Pics Will Give You Nightmares

It's a well-known fact that there's no one in the world as stylish as Kate Middleton — so, if I were so fortunate as to be in her presence for even a moment, I would probably spend hours painstakingly picking out an outfit. (#JudgeMe) But, young fans of the royal couple in Manchester greeted Prince William and Kate Middleton wearing masks and the photos are... interesting. The sentiment was adorable, but a look at the pics may give you a few unique nightmares just in time for Halloween.

After a busy week of traveling the world, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Manchester on Oct. 14 with a packed schedule — after a morning visit to the National Football Museum, they'll make appearances at Manchester town hall and the National Graphene Institute. Their last stop is the most significant — Prince William and Middleton will visit Francis House, a hospice for children that was opened by Princess Diana in 1991.

Despite their jam-packed schedule, the royal couple of course made time to greet throngs of fans who had eagerly gathered to catch a glimpse of the beloved pair. In what was perhaps an effort to show their love and devotion for the royal family, kids greeted Prince William and Middleton in masks that were fairly creepy. Take a look at some pictures that may or may not give you strange dreams tonight:

The Basic Prince William & Kate Middleton Masks

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm sure they held it together, but seeing these strange masks must have been a little disconcerting for Prince William and Kate.

Shaking Hands With "Themselves"

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nothing strange about that. Also, can we stop for a moment to appreciate the adorable kids wearing crowns? I'm sure the other kid are equally cute — I just... can't see their actual faces.

Queen Elizabeth II & Camilla Parker Bowles

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I know it's all water under the bridge, but the Bowles mask seems like a somewhat strange choice. #TeamDianaForever

Just Your Standard Group Photo

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These dedicated kids made sure that as many members of the royal family as possible were represented.

But, Middleton & Prince William Took It All In Stride

If they were disconcerted by seeing plastic representations of their own faces, Middleton and Prince William didn't show it.

Before heading off to their scheduled events, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shook hands with their enthusiastic fans and even took some selfies with a few lucky kids.