Is Emma Stone's Pixie Cut Real? Let's Examine The Evidence — PHOTOS

Emma Stone is no stranger to a dramatic cut (throwback to the lob that set off all the lobs) but in an Instagram posted by Vogue Friday morning, we got a glimpse of her most dramatic one yet — the cut to end all cuts, a tightly cropped shear. But is Emma Stone's pixie real, or an illusion woven by hair artistry and hairspray?

Unfortunately, given a little investigative research, it's looking like the Farrow-esque crop wasn't for good. The author mentions the story was written midsummer, while recent photos show Stone at events back to her collarbone length. But wig or extensions regardless, there's no denying the pixie looks ultra-real — the pub nailed Stone's multidimensional copper hue, thanks to hairstylist Shay Ashual's knack for hyper-realistic hairpieces (her recreation of Mia Farrow's pixie is especially convincing).

Which means it's most likely business as usual for Stone, after a brief jaunt into the land of the cropped. And while it may not have been permanent, it's definitely made waves — outlets have jumped on the idea of a Stone haircut evolution, the next stage of her platinum, brown/black, back to red hair transformation (to be fair, the first two were rumored to be for parts — Cruella de Vil and Battle of the Sexes , respectively — and quickly put to rest).

But if anyone can pull off a pixie, it's Stone, so I'll keep a hope alive that she'll return to the cut for good. Long layers and lobs are all well and good, but the crop would be a daring move for a daring woman, and as the all-singing, all-dancing La La Land proves, Stone is definitely that.

Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here is the actress at the 39th Mill Valley Film Festival on Oct. 6. Seems like it would have been hard to grow out that pixie in just a few months.

Images: voguerunway/Instagram.