Welcome the Two Newest Members of 'Avengers 2'

by Celeste Mora

As Avengers 2 starts shooting, we can all finally find out whether Wanda and Pietro Maximoff look as cool as the Marvel Studios concept art. The set photographers have given us a hand here, showing off the mostly modernized costumes of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, as they shoot in northern Italy. The concepts for both costumes had been teased in the “Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe” special, making fans of the twins squee with excitement.

Now that the illustrations have become real live costumes, the Maximoff twins still look ready to take down some bad guys. Although I was really into Wanda's black shiny leggings in the concept art, her patriarchy-stomping boots have made up for any disappointment. Quicksilver looks pretty classic, and even his hair looks like a grown-out version of JT in the '90s. Regardless of the tiny details, I'm just happy that Scarlet Witch is rocking a blazer, not her traditional red latex teddy. Fans who compare her to Jane Lane or Deus Ex Machina may be right, but I'm just happy we got an updated version of this superhero, without the "oh look at her boobs" factor.

For comparison, Scarlet has transformed from this scantily clad "temptress,"

into this jacket-wearing badass. Well done, Joss Whedon.

Image: Superhero Report/Twitter; Black Widow/Twitter; The Nerdpocalypse/Twitter