Page Rumored to Play Belushi's Widow

The woman who came out on Valentine's Day at the Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive Conference, Ellen Page, is rumored to be playing John Belushi's wife Judith Jacklin in an upcoming bio-pic starring Emile Hirsch as Belushi. The project, which Steve Conrad is directing, will be the first role Page will take since coming out — which doesn't change her as an actress or a person, of course, but does give a message to Hollywood that talented young actors should not be pigeonholed into roles just because of their sexual orientation.

Belushi's widow, who now goes by Judy Belushi Pisano, met Belushi in high school (cue the tears), and is a producer on the film which will be based on the book she wrote about her late husband (cue more tears). It's brave of Belushi Pisano to spearhead the project about Belushi's tragic life, and who better to play her than Ellen Page, who is one of the most well-spoken and courageous actresses right now in Hollywood? Dan Akroyd is also a producer on the film (jury is still out on who will play him in the movie), which will no doubt chronicle the making of the pair's iconic Blues Brothers. Do you see the light?!