11 Feminist Anti-Donald Trump Memes & Photos To Share On Social Media

It's no secret that the feminist community doesn't like Donald Trump. I mean, even back when he was merely a boorish businessman who hectored, taunted, and harassed women publicly, his reputation was deservedly awful. But now, following both the release of tape showing him boasting about how easy it is to grab women's genitals without consent and the reporting of multiple sexual assault allegations against him, he now has an even more reviled status ― and these 11 feminist anti-Trump memes prove how women are taking things into their own hands.

To be clear, one needn't be a vocal feminist to spread a meme that makes a feminist case ― although it certainly doesn't hurt. Obviously, it's impossible to know the political leanings of every user on social media, but the tweets and memes below give a pretty good sense of what the conversation is about: Trump's long record of sexist verbal abuse, and now the accusations of outright assault that have caused his campaign to effectively implode.

So, in the spirit of shared values and standing up to Trump's misogyny, here are 11 easy ways to show you're on the #NeverTrump train as a feminist. Because in times like these, it can help to know there are people out there who've got your back and are speaking your language:

1. Trump The Sexist Pig

2. Trump The Monster

3. We Are Watching

4. Now That's A Knockout Punch

5. Trickle-Down Public Misogyny

6. The Predator-in-Chief

7. The Ignorant Xenophobe

8. Nothing But Hot Air

9. Sexist, Racist, Ignorant

10. Our Long, National Gaslighting

11. Trump Supporters Right Now

For the record, Trump has strenuously denied all the allegations against him and has promised to reveal evidence that disproves the sexual assault claims. This is the same guy who claimed he had private investigators in Hawaii who were turning up unbelievable information about President Obama's birth certificate. However, this information (surprise!) never came, so don't be too shocked if his new "evidence" doesn't appear, either.

Hopefully, the last few weeks of this campaign slide into the rear-view mirror as quickly and painlessly as possible, because right now, the entire country is living through an emotionally draining, depressing, and infuriating slog, one that's having a traumatic and dire impact on countless women across America.