Lin-Manuel Miranda May Write A Song For Hillary Clinton's Campaign, Which Is Even Better Than A 'Hamilton' Performance

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I finally found something better than a ticket to Hamilton. Turns out, according to Deadline, Lin-Manuel Miranda may be writing a new song for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser. Yep, you read that right: Miranda. Writing. A. Song. For. Hillary. We might as well pack it in right now, she's won the election. (This is a joke. Please do not pack it in right now. Please for the love of all that is holy make sure you go vote on Nov. 8, this is important.) Anyway, Clinton won the ultimate Hamilton lottery, the one the rest of us never even dared to wish for, because according to reports, this will all be going down at Clinton's Oct. 17 fundraiser at the St. James Theatre in New York City. The only remaining tickets are apparently $10,000, which is slightly out of my price range, but I'm sure I could rustle up an organ or two that I'm not using to sell on the black market?

According to Harvey Weinstein, the piece will be called "Stronger Together," and it will be not only written, but also performed by Miranda. Oh man, fetch me my smelling salts, because this I truly cannot handle. It's too good. Miranda will be one of many performers, including Bernadette Peters, Billy Crystal, and Julia Roberts, and the only rule is that there will be no negative energy put toward the... ahem... other candidate — so it promises to be an evening full of positivity and joy all around. The only bummer is that, while Chelsea Clinton will be in attendance, Hillary and Bill Clinton apparently will not. (Unless they switch it up last minute, in which case — can I interest any of you in a kidney? Part of a liver? My hair's getting kind of long, you could have that?)

But at the end of the day, I'll probably have to settle for the fact that I won't be setting foot in that particular fundraiser, as all the first-tier $45 tickets for the night are long gone. There's some talk of streaming the event so that us normals can be #WithHer from a distance, so cross your fingers that that comes through: we all deserve to hear "Stronger Together" straight from Lin-Manuel Miranda himself.

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