'Westworld' May Be Showing Us Different Timelines

It may only be a few episodes in, but Westworld is proving to be the next great example of theory-TV. Following in the footsteps of shows like Lost and Game of Thrones, the new HBO series leaves just enough to the imagination for fans to try and connect disparate threads in the story. One of the biggest Westworld fan theories proposes that the show isn't actually unfolding over one linear timeline, but is instead bouncing back and forth between two separate time periods. Since the hosts never age and don't seem to change their appearances often and the town seems the same almost everyday aside from a few changes here and there, it's certainly possible, and there is actually some proof that Westworld is balancing two different timelines.

This theory is actually part of another extremely popular Westworld theory — that William and The Man In Black are actually the same person. It posits that William's first time in Westworld will end in disaster, aka the "critical failure" that we know happened 30 years ago, and viewers will watch as he becomes the evil Man in Black, who we're actually watching try to solve a maze 30 years later. Westworld could be showing the beginning and end of the Man in Black's story at the same time, and the biggest piece of evidence in this comes down to logos.

According to eagle-eyed Redditor otto454z, there are two different logos for Westworld that could indicate two different timeframes:

"William's first arrival in Westworld shown at the beginning of episode 2 looks like it happens at a different time than the "present day" Westworld shown in the scene where Sizemore proposes the "Odyssey on Red River" story line. The Westworld logo during William's arrival is different than the one shown in the Sizemore scene . IMHO, the one during William's arrival looks 70's-esque, while the Sizemore one looks Apple-like/sleekishly new."

If you click through to the images he's referencing, there is definitely a difference, though it could be that the park uses different versions of its logo in different place. But other Redditors are trying to find discrepancies in the the town of Sweetwater to add more evidence to this the different timeframe theory. For example, reddit user Mavren_ pointed out, "We know Teddy starts his day on the train, so why don't we see him leave the train at the same time as William and Logan?" Keeping a close eye on how the interactions in Sweetwater go could hold the key to determining exactly when William and Logan's story takes place, and whether the good-natured newcomer could become the villainous Man in Black. And if there are two different timelines, that could mean major twists for other characters as well.

While timelines and memories bleeding together within Westworld, it certainly seems possibly that a good-hearted man like William could be turned bad after some kind of catastrophic accident. William appeals to be falling for the "game" aspects of Westworld in Episode 3, which could be what keeps him going after 30 years in search of the maze that is supposed to lead to the final "level" of the park. Whether this theory is correct or not, Westworld is clearly hiding some tricks up its sleeve.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO, Giphy