Kylie's Burgundy KyShadow Will Be Here Soon

As if Kylie's four new fall lip kits weren't enough for us to freak out over this week, she just revealed her latest KyShadow — called "The Burgundy Palette — and the internet (myself included) is going nuts. The burgundy palette is the second of Kylie Cosmetics' non-lip beauty ventures, and from what it looks like is going to be just as amazing as everything else she's done thus far . So when does the burgundy KyShadow come out?

On Friday afternoon, the youngest Jenner took to her Snapchat (as always) for the big reveal. The palette is structured much like its bronze predecessor, and has nine shades of burgundy, brown and bronze eyeshadow. Some of the brown shades are matte enough that it appears they can be used as contour, and the burgundy would look amazing as a lip stain if it were applied with a wet brush. The shimmery bronze shadows will help create a metallic gold eye a la Pat McGrath, and combining the shades creates limitless opportunities for glam.

After months of waiting for the second installment of Kyshadow, we won't have to wait much longer to try the shades out on our own. The palettes go on sale at 1 p.m. PT (so, 4 p.m. ET) on Friday, Oct. 20, which means in one week you might be a KyShadow burgundy owner....

....if your clicking fingers are fast enough.

So pretty, right?

Fans are stoked, to say the least:

As usual, this palette will probably sell out quickly, so set your alarm and check out these tips for how to successfully get a Kylie Cosmetics product.

Images: Kylizzlesnapchats/Instagram