Always Cold? 15 Random But Genius Items You Need

Whenever I’m in need of a gift for my mother, I tend to cycle through the following categories of ideas: gifts for people who love jewelry, gifts for people who always worry, and gifts for people who are cold all the time. My mother could live in a pizza oven and still have a primarily-wool wardrobe; she’s the type of person who brings a sweater to every restaurant and avoids movie theaters like the plague. Being warm and cozy is her favorite, and being cold is one of the worst things ever to her, trumped only by the combination of being cold and wet simultaneously.

Now that I’ve hit the ripe old age of 24, I’m turning into my mother in more ways than one. I cross my legs in the same way she does, and I yell at people for climbing trees, but I’m suddenly also really opposed to feeling chilly. Items for people who are always cold are beginning to look more and more intriguing to me. I currently own several of the items on this list, including an adult onesie and a heated throw blanket, and I can only assume that by the time I hit 30, I’ll have four of each thing on here. If you’re someone who’s always cold no matter what, you should probably follow suit.

1. A Personal Ceramic Heater For Your Desk

Lasko Personal Ceramic Heater, $20, Amazon

This cute little Lasko personal ceramic heater only uses 200 watts, but it heats up your personal space in no time. Because it’s so small and portable, it’s especially great for a desktop or beside your bed, and people say it’s both quiet and stays cool to the touch.

2. This Hot Chocolate Maker For Parties Or Personal Use

Nostalgia Hot Chocolate Maker, $27, Amazon

Someone who’s always cold will never turn down a cup of hot chocolate. This nostalgia hot chocolate maker heats and blends your beverage, and it’s got an easy pour spout. You can also use it for lattes, and mochas, and because it holds multiple servings, it’s great for a party.

3. Heat Your Feet With USB Slippers

Smoko USB Foot Warmers, $35, Amazon

For your feet, you’ve got these Smoko USB foot warmers. Two cute little s’mores with faces plug into any USB port to charge, and then they deliver steady warmth to you as heated slippers.

4. You’ll Never Take This Scarf Off Again

Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf, $30, Amazon

Since this ridiculously warm Peepsnake smartphones scarf has a see-through touchscreen-friendly pocket for your smart phone, as well as a zippered pouch to hold everything else, you’ll never take it off again.

5. These Wireless Headphones That Are Also Ear Muffs

NoiseHush Artic Wireless Headphones, $39, Amazon

These NoiseHush wireless headphones give you a clear, loud sound using Bluetooth technology, but they’re also made from suede and wool to keep your ears extra warm. The best part: a built-in microphone, so you can make your hands-free calls especially cozily.

6. This Heated Backrest That Also Massages You

Sharper Image Warming Backrest Massager, $130, Amazon

This Sharper Image warming backrest massager keeps you propped up in bed, but it’s also got some really incredible features like two massaging functions, a cup holder, an LED reading light, and — the best part — it heats up.

7. This Travel Mug Boils Its Own Water

Car Heated Stainless Steel Travel Mug, $24, Amazon

This heated stainless steel travel mug plugs right into your cigarette lighter to keep your beverage warm on the way to work. It can also boil water in as little as ten minutes, so a fresh cup of tea is never too far away.

8. A Relaxing Mask That You Can Put In The Microwave

Migraine Relief Eye Pillow Mask, $30, Amazon

This adorable migraine relief eye pillow mask has flaxseeds that mold to your face, and they heat up particularly well in the microwave for a calming and relaxing experience. It also targets pressure points in your face to relieve headaches.

9. A Heated Throw Blanket That’s Effective & Safe

Sunbeam Electric Heated Throw Blanket, $58, Amazon

This Sunbeam electric heated throw blanket has three heat settings, an unbelievably soft and comfortable feel, and a three-hour auto off function that keeps you as safe as it does warm.

10. These Microwavable Spa Booties Infused With Lavender

Lavender Dot Spa Booties, $38, Amazon

In addition to being really warm on their own, these lavender dot spa booties can also be tossed in the microwave for up to 60 seconds to cradle your feet in luxurious warmth. They’re infused with lavender essential oils to make sure that you stay relaxed, too.

11. Always Be Prepared For The Cold

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket, $38, Amazon

An always-cold person needs an always-solution, and this cocoon CoolMax blanket is ideal for travel and emergencies. It’s really thin and lightweight, but surprisingly warm, and it comes in a compact carrier bag.

12. Keep Your Hands Warm But Functional

USB Hand Warmers, $10, Amazon

Plug these USB hand warmers straight into your laptop and experience wrist-to-knuckle heat while still being able to use your fingers. They’re made from wool materials and they come in several different colors.

13. Give The Gift Of Endless Hot Meals

BLACK+DECKER Slow Cooker, $29, Amazon

This BLACK+DECKER slow cooker is another awesome gift for someone who’s always cold, because it’s the easiest way to make homemade soups and hot meals with minimal effort. It’s got three heat settings, is exceptionally easy to clean, and comes with its own recipe book for hot and simple dinners.

14. An Adult Onesie Is Always The Best Idea

Del Rossa Women's Fleece Onesie (XS-XXXL), $30, Amazon

A Del Rossa fleece onesie makes an awesome gift for anyone looking to escape the cold. It’s made from a durable and extremely warm microfiber material, and it’s got a hood and closed feet to keep all the heat in.

15. A Portable Fireplace For Home Or Work

PuraFlame Mini Portable Fireplace, $70, Amazon

Whether it’s for your bedroom or your office, this PuraFlame mini portable fireplace is charming, portable, and warm. Only a foot tall, it kicks out a ton of heat and can be used with or without the warming function if you’re just looking for some ambiance.

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