21 Best Things To Buy On Amazon $30 & Under

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If I had to guess, I’d say I receive at least three shipments from Amazon every single week. In addition to purchasing all my toiletries, housewares, and holiday gifts, I’ve worked closely alongside Amazon for almost a year. Consequently, narrowing down the best affordable things to buy on Amazon is a difficult task. Amazon had over 564 million products for sale in 2018, and new ones are added every single day.

I’ve delved deep into gift guides, interesting finds, and trending products lists, and I’ve seen some of the weirdest stuff ever sold on the internet. (Pro-tip: if you’re looking for a 60-inch bologna sandwich wall decal, you can find it there). That being said, there's lots of awesome and useful stuff available on Amazon, and I’m often left asking myself, “Why doesn’t everyone own this thing?”

Amazon is heaven on earth for the modern shopper, because in addition to reliable reviews and competitive pricing, you’ve also got great customer service and products that actually and truly work. And of course, if you have a Prime account, you get free fast shipping on tons of items. It's hard to beat that!

Here are the best Amazon products I’ve found and used that you can purchase for $30 or less, from travel pillows and beauty products to productivity planners and super-smart tech.

1. Because Everyone Knows That One Person

Poop Emoji Slippers, $16, Amazon

Finally, these warm and comfortable poop emoji slippers — because everyone knows someone whose life revolves around that one little gross emoticon.

Reviewers say: "Bought these for a white rabbit party at Christmas and everyone wanted to steal them!"

2. Naturally Whiten Your Teeth With Charcoal

All Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening, $18, Amazon

People are flipping over this charcoal teeth whitening system, which uses all natural ingredients (like activated charcoal and cinnamon) to clean and whiten your teeth. Some say they saw results in just a day or two.

Reviewers say: "If you are looking for a product that will actually whiten your teeth without harmful chemicals or negative side effects such as tooth sensitivity, count your lucky stars that you chanced upon this product because your search ends here! I have nothing but praise for this tooth powder that achieves the exact results it is intended to! As a DIY enthusiast who rarely buys ready made personal care products for fear of harmful ingredients, I can honestly say I have no qualms about using this product. [...] I know I will be using this for a long time, and recommending to all my loved ones!"

3. A Great Quality Brush Set That Won’t Fall Apart

BS-MALL Premium Kabuki Brush Set, $13, Amazon

This professional BS-MALL Kabuki makeup brush set comes with 14 pieces that are all extremely durable, soft, easy to clean, and have reviewers raving about how great they are.

Reviewers say: "10/10 would recommend. I've worked at the Estée Lauder counter and used several high end brand brushes. I would definitely say these are comparable to high end brushes. The handles are nice, but don't feel as fancy as expensive brushes. But the brush itself is soft and feels just as good as the pricier brands. The set comes with a wide variety. [...] Definitely give these a try if you hate spending a ton of money but want good quality brushes."

4. Choose Any Color Light To Set The Mood

MagicLight Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb, $15, Amazon

This MagicLight Bluetooth smart LED lightbulb syncs up to your phone and works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can choose literally any color you want, set timers, and prompt the bulb to react to your music for a light show. Best of all, you can control the bulb remotely if you'd like.

Reviewers say: "I love these bulbs!!! I have them around my ENTIRE HOUSE! You can change the colors for christmas or halloween. You can set them to music. You can control them from away or times. I have mine set from sunset to sunrise. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bulbs, and the seller is amazing!"

5. A Daily Planner That Keeps You On Track To Achieve Your Goals

The Path Planner Pro, $15, Amazon

Some daily planners give you enough space to jot down your appointments for the day or month — which is fine, but won’t truly help you achieve short and long-term goals. This daily planner takes things one step further by offering a full-fledge life planner with a vision board, journal pages, monthly and daily goals pages, and even sections with Buddhist exercises and mandalas designed to calm your mind. Choose between two design options: black vegan leather or gold coil.

Reviewers say: "Yes, this is a lofty claim for a mere planner, but this planner did actually change my life this year. It’s part planner, part life coach. By working through the exercises and goal orienting activities, you can really focus your efforts on what is important to you and stop letting time pass you by."

6. These Awesome Copper Mugs For A Great Price

A29 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs (Set of 4), $27, Amazon

I’m all about the Moscow Mule copper mugs trend, and this set of four is handcrafted and made from pure copper, but for an awesome price. The set also comes with four copper straws, a shot glass, and a recipe booklet.

Reviewers say: "The mugs are beautifully crafted and finished and came with copper straws and a copper shot glass. The mugs feel good in your hands, not tinny like some others we have used. These are solid copper, dishwasher will damage the finish, hand wash only. If you like Mules you will love this set."

7. Style Your Hair In Minutes Without Damage

Entil Hair Straightener Brush, $30, Amazon

This Entil heated hair straightening brush has high ratings because it makes your hair soft, straight, and manageable with just a few minutes of brushing, and it’s got ceramic and ionizing technology to minimize damage. It comes with a protective glove, a brush, hair clips, and a lifetime warranty.

Reviewers say: "I love how fast it heats up and styles my hair. My hair looks healthy after I use it, I have gotten compliments from strangers after using this brush!"

8. Get Rid Of Back Pain Once And For All

HemingWeigh Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, $30, Amazon

A great quality acupressure mat, like the HemingWeigh Acupressure mat and pillow set, has little tiny spikes that stimulate certain pressure points in your neck and back, easing back pain and promoting relaxation.

Reviewers say: "Absolutely love this. If I'm feeling stressed out, or in pain, I lay on this for 10 minutes. What a difference in the way you feel after! Very relaxing."

9. This Handle And Stand For Your Phone

PopSocket, $10, Amazon

The PopSocket is a little expanding handle that sticks to the back of your phone and can be used to tilt, grip, or prop while taking pictures, watching movies, or texting. When it’s not in use, it folds right back in. This one has a pretty peace mandala print.

Reviewers say: "Pretty and makes the phone much easier to handle while doing other things."

10. Bring Your Tunes Anywhere With You

Etekcity RoverBeats Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $17, Amazon

This Etekcity RoverBeats ultra portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is super small, but it’s got a huge, clear sound, as well as a built-in mic for hands-free calling. With a Bluetooth connectivity range of up to 33 feet, a rechargeable battery that allows for 8 hours of play time, and an audio jack that makes it compatible with both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices, the speaker is super convenient.

Reviewers say: "The sound quality is crystal clear even at max volume, reaches louder volumes than I thought it had the capacity too as well as providing decent bass. The battery holds a charge for hours and is also a quick charge when it runs out. The blue tooth feature makes it that much better. There truly isn't any Bluetooth portable speaker you could buy that's better for this price."

11. Get Rid Of Smells And Moisture In Your Home

Sensible Needs Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Fresheners, $20, Amazon

This set of five bamboo activated charcoal air fresheners absorbs any unpleasant smells, allergens, or moisture in your house, leaving it smelling clean and fresh. The set includes two large, one medium, and two small air freshener bags. Put them in your bathroom, car, or even your shoes.

Reviewers say: "This stuff is so amazing. I’ve never had a deodorizer work so effectively so fast before ever. I will order more ASAP So to keep even more freshness in my home."

12. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bed Sheets That Are Soft And Resistant To Allergens

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets, $30, Amazon

Allergy sufferers (and anyone else who needs a better night’s sleep) here’s your relief: these hypoallergenic bamboo bed sheets are a soft, eco-friendly alternative to ordinary sheets that are resistant to allergens like pollen, dust mites, mold, and mildew. This four-piece linen set comes in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes and a choice of 12 colors. It combines the best of two fabric worlds: stain and wrinkle-resistant rayon derived from bamboo and silky soft, durable microfiber.

Reviewers say: "These are my THIRD order of these exact sheets (different colors) and I love them all. So soft and seem really high quality, wash well and feel wonderful. They are neither too cool/silky or too thick/heavy....perfect year round sheets. And so inexpensive!"

13. This Mug That Showcases Your True Feelings

LaTazas Have a Great Day Mug, $13, Amazon

Not really a people person? This LaTazas 'Have a Great Day' mug puts forth a mature and professional front, but it has a rage-filled message hiding underneath — just like you.

Reviewers say: "Just as described. Purchased as a white elephant gift and everyone loved it!"

14. A Handy Tool With 18 Purposes That Fits In Your Wallet

Wallet Ninja, $13, Amazon

You’re probably not packing a screwdriver in your back pocket, but with the Wallet Ninja — an 18-in-one tool so compact it fits in your wallet — you’re pretty much ready for any and all emergencies. This tool includes a bottle opener, four screwdrivers, a can opener, nail puller, peeler, six wrenches, a cell phone stand, box opener, letter opener, and ruler. It’s functional and so lightweight you’ll forget it’s in your pocket or purse.

Reviewers say: "Definitely helpful to have on hand! The ninja is small and slim, but punches above its weight-class in terms of usefulness. The tools are all things you might find yourself searching through a drawer for and are useful in a pinch. You obviously aren't going to be able to construct a deck with anything on this credit card-sized device, but it fits comfortably in your wallet and will help you open a beer or tighten a screw."

15. Ergonomically Support Your Neck While Traveling

Trtl Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Big trip coming up? This Trtl travel pillow is way more effective than your basic U-shaped travel pillow, as it’s scientifically proven to hold your neck in an ergonomic position during rest. It's machine-washable and comes in junior sizes as well, so children can benefit too!

Reviewers say: "This product is the ABSOLUTE BEST plane pillow and I've tried many [...] The first time I tried the TRTL neck wrap, it held my head comfortably upright and stable and I actually slept on the long plane flight. It's also lightweight and packs easily in my carry on."

16. Never Forget Your Phone Charger Again

Leather Tassel Key Chain Charging Cable, $10, Amazon

The stress of leaving your phone charger in your other bag or plugged into your wall is very real. Fortunately, so is this key ring, which has a phone charger built right into it! Attach your set of keys to it, and never be less than '100' again.

Reviewers say: "Super handy for those days when you get away without a charger or you need to transfer pictures or data unexpectedly. I was impressed with the quality of the leather [...] The cables are well hidden in the tassel. A very stylish accessory for your keys and easy to clip on your purse."

17. Get 100 Uses Out Of Your Disposable Razorblade

RazorPit Blade Sharpener, $19, Amazon

Save some serious money on your razors with this RazorPit blade sharpener, which extends the life of your blades by effectively cleaning and sharpening them after each use. RazorPit claims that the sharpener works on all razors and can increase the number of shaves you get per razor from 10 all the way up to 100.

Reviewers say: "The razor sharpener is wonderful. It sharpens the blades better than i imagined it would. It saves me tons of cash."

18. Every Millennial Should Have A Slow Cooker

Proctor Slow Cooker, $25, Amazon

No millennial should be without their own Proctor slow cooker, which lets you make impressive and delicious meals with minimal effort. This one has dishwasher safe parts, removable stoneware for easy cleaning, and a space-savvy 4-quart capacity.

Reviewers say: "This slow cooker has very quickly become a regularly used item in my kitchen. It is actually a very nice size for cooking for only 2 people. It could easily cook a meal for a family of 4 as well [...] The inside pot comes out and is very easy to soak, clean, and even put in the dishwasher. Even when on all day, I am not worried about leaving it running while I am not home as the outside doesn't get hot."

19. Filter Your Shower Water To Eliminate Chlorine & Chemicals

PureAction Water Softener Shower Head, $27, Amazon

Your skin absorbs everything you put on it, and this PureAction water softener shower head gets rid of chlorine and other chemicals in your shower water and filters up to 99.9% of rust, calcium, and heavy metals. Plus, it’s got three spray settings and a one-year warranty.

Reviewers say: "This shower head is AMAZING! Do not hesitate to order this if you have hard water. [...] After a few showers my hair feels clean and soft again and my skin is no longer dry or itchy. As an added bonus the water flow is vastly improved and the different settings are an added bonus as are the 2 additional filters. It took minutes to install and I am NO home improvement expert. This is the BEST $25 I have ever spent."

20. Sample The Best Of The Burt’s Bees Line

Burt's Bees Classic Gift Set, $24, Amazon

Looking to try out some of the best from Burt's Bees? This Burt's Bees Classic Gift Set comes with cuticle cream, multipurpose ointment, foot cream, hand salve and repair cream, and lip balm — and all of it’s natural.

Reviewers say: "This set is wonderful!! The foot balm is so fabulous-put it on then grab some socks and go to bed [...] The cuticle tin works wonders! I keep one on my purse to use if I’m waiting somewhere and one by my bedside. You will love what this does for your cuticles and how great they look. The other items in this set are equally wonderful. This makes a very thoughtful gift for someone and the price is super."

21. Pamper Your Face Or Actually Dry Your Dishes

Chakir Turkish Linens Bamboo Washcloths (12-pack), $16, Amazon

These Chakir Turkish Linens bamboo washcloths are made from organic bamboo, which means that they’re the softest, most lightweight, and most absorbent towels you’ve probably ever felt. You can use them in the shower or to dry your dishes (instead of circulating water droplets all over everything), and they’re entirely hypoallergenic.

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