11 Former 'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Contestants Who Deserved So Much More

Many contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette leave without a rose or true love — it's just how the shows work, and I think fans and everyone who appears on the franchise have come to accept that fact. But then there are the rare folks who shine on the series, but don't get their due. So many former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants deserved so much more than they were given on-screen. It's just a shame when those high hopes get dashed in the course of a season, ruined by so-called villains and wild group dates.

And when I say these folks deserved more, I mean they should've gotten something a bit better than just the opportunity to appear on Bachelor in Paradise — which is still awesome, of course. I always have such high hopes for a new season during the limo introductions, in which the new Bachelor or Bachelorette greets their pool of contestants one by one. It's an amazing time for fans filled with fun and possibility, but once the season takes shape and front-runners are determined, some once-promising contestants get lost in the shuffle, never to receive a rose or be heard from ever again — until maybe Bachelor in Paradise.

Here are some contestants who deserved way better on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

1. Luke Pell

Oh, Luke. A veteran who seemed poised to take on the new season of The Bachelor after appearing on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, he was, according to E! News, truly ready to be the Bachelor, too. Alas, that starring role went to Nick Viall in the 11th hour. "The decision was made apparently on Sunday, and I was supposed to fly to L.A. Monday and already had all my bags packed," Pell told E! "They called me Sunday night and said it wasn't me. I didn't know who the Bachelor was—I found out with the rest of America."

2. Jubilee Sharpe

The veteran arrived to Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor with a quirky personality and a tragic family backstory, but unfortunately, Ben eliminated her early on in the season. She also endured an early exit on Bachelor in Paradise as well. Someone give Jubilee a chance, please.

3. Becca Tilley

She has the honor of not being on one season of The Bachelor, but two. Unfortunately, she didn't have a spark with either Chris Soules or Ben Higgins during their respective seasons.

4. Sarah Herron

On Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, Sarah emerged as a voice of reason when it came to dealing with Hurricane Chad Johnson. But she was then eliminated early on and didn't get to find love, which is pretty unreasonable for a catch like her.

5. Juelia Kinney

On Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, the single mom got embroiled in a love triangle with Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen that left her hurt and in tears due to their secrets. Not cool.

6. Tenley Molzahn

The one-time Disney theme park princess has left The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise without a ring or lasting love.

7. Caila Quinn

She was ready to become The Bachelorette, according to E! News, but she also experienced another 11th hour switcheroo. She resurfaced during Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, in which she pursued a relationship with Jared, which was challenged by Ashley I. Caila deserves a smoother road to true love.

8. Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley I. spent most of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 in tears over her Season 2 flame Jared Haibon. She deserves a chance to move on from the past.

9. Vinny Ventiera

He and Izzy seemed like the perfect match in the beginning of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, but the couple hit a rough patch and broke up when Izzy thought she might be attracted to another man. Vinny left heartbroken — so much so that he was unwilling to give her another shot when she called him.

10. Clare Crawley

The runner-up from Juan Pablo's Bachelor season and Bachelor in Paradise alum has left empty-handed several times, although she did make friends with some crabs. But come on, she deserves better than just crustacean friends.

11. Nick Viall

The two-time Bachelorette runner up had his heart broken by both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe, and he didn't find lasting love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. But lucky for Nick, he'll get another chance at finding love as the Bachelor next year.

Here's hoping Nick isn't the once Bachelor franchise fave to get another chance at the love they deserve.