Where To Get FOX's 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Soundtrack When You Want To Do The "Time Warp" Again

The Rocky Horror Picture Show originally opened in theaters in 1975 — and somehow it never left, still playing in midnight showings all over the country. On Thursday night, the cult hit movie comes to TV on FOX in a brand new remake featuring all of the songs from the original film. Once they get stuck in your head, you'll want to know where to get The Rocky Horror Picture Show FOX remake soundtrack, so you can put all your faves on repeat. According to FOX, you won't have to wait too long — the soundtrack will be released on Oct. 21, the day after the movie's big premiere on Thursday night, and will be available for purchase on platforms like iTunes and Amazon.

You can currently pre-order album from either service and iTunes pre-orders come with an instant download of "Time Warp," an essential song in the Rocky Horror collection. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a unique movie that's hard to describe, but I'll try: Brad (Ryan McCartan) and Janet (Victoria Justice) are a young couple who stumble into the wild and weird sexual world of Dr. Frank N Fruter (Laverne Cox). It's a crazy ride, but you'll be glad you went along on the journey, because the songs are so darn catchy.

So, once you get your hands on The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, give these essential tracks a spin.

"Science Fiction/Double Feature"

For the sci-fi lovers out there, the movie's opening song with the big red lips makes a ton of references to old B-movies and classic sci-fi flicks. Listen and see if you can catch them all.

"Dammit, Janet"

The film's introduction to Brad and Janet, a seemingly cute and innocent couple who get engaged during this song.

"Sweet Transvestite"

Marvel at how dated — and so very politically incorrect — this song is now. The Fox version of the song still bares this title this and the lyric "sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania" remains in it, according to Vanity Fair. "Historically, the terms have changed [and] it doesn’t mean the same thing today that it meant in the 70s," Cox told the magazine. "It’s not appropriate to refer to trans people as a transvestite [today], but it is [used here as] the character in that specific moment in history."

Cox's version of the song has already been released to YouTube and she totally rocks it.

"Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me"

Oscar winner Susan Sarandon starred in the original movie as Janet — I know, right? Even trippier than that is the fact that she sang this song in the film to an oiled-up Rocky while in her underwear.

"Rose Tint My World"

This is usually my marker for when the movie gets so weird. But after going to multiple midnight showings, I can say this: it doesn't matter if you get Rocky Horror or where it's going at this point. Just sit back and enjoy the weirdness of the movie's final third, fishnets and all.

"Once In A While"

Believe it or not, Rocky Horror has a deleted scene/secret song, which takes place right after "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" and his own sexual awakening. On the 2016 version's soundtrack, the tune will be included as a bonus track, according to FOX.

So, queue up the album and enjoy, because it's time to listen to the "Time Warp" again and again and again.

Images: Steve Wilkie/FOX