'Breaking Bad' Star Betsy Brandt Signed On to Lead in ABC Drama 'The Club'

To say Breaking Bad was a career-changing experience for the series’ stars would be an understatement. A vast, vast understatement. Prior to the AMC drama to end all dramas, most of the cast bit players in films or worked in television in lesser-acclaimed series (No hate on Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in the Middle, that show was great!). It looks like the fruits of their labor in New Mexico continue to make way as Betsy Brandt, the actress who played Marie Schrader is locking down deals left and right. Betsy Brandy just signed on to star in the ABC drama The Club.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Club focuses on the hoity-toity comings and goings of a private country club. Brandt will play Leslie Holbrooke, “ A warm-hearted woman with a dry wit whose husband just ran off with his father's trophy-wife stepmother after squandering the club's finances. She's left alone with her 11-year-old son, Evan, her legal consulting practice and her husband's crazy and wealthy family.” It’s certainly a far cry from a D.A. Officer’s wife whose brother-in-law is the meth druglord her husband has been trying to catch for years. Even so, The Club sounds pret-ty juicy.

Along with Brandt’s latest deal, she’s also still locked into the Michael J. Fox Show — barring a possible cancellation, she will remain as a co-star on the series. She’s also just signed on for a recurring role in the second season of Showtime’s Masters of Sex. What’s that Betsy Brandt? You’re just taking over major networks, basic, and premium cable? Go on with your Bad self.