6 Meditations That Will Actually Put You To Sleep

For as long as I can remember, I've had a hard time falling asleep. I've got a perpetual list of dog-eared articles for better rest. I've got rows of vials of potions, a drawer of sleep aids and a cabinet of sleepy time teas. And while to varying degrees, these remedies worked here and there, I never found anything that I could rely on.

The only thing that actually made me exhausted was savasana at the end of a yoga class. I used to think that perhaps one day, I'd get a good night's sleep when I would be able to afford to have a yoga teacher come over to my house so that I could do savasana from bed, and they'd just let themselves out when I was asleep.

That closing meditation was the only thing that made me turn my mind off and pass out. But I could never harness that calm on my own. That is until I discovered meditation playlists on the internet. There are thousands of mediation gurus who offer sleep guidance in the form of an audio file that actually work. Sure some are better than others, but they're largely effective and beyond simple to use. Simply queue one up, turn up the volume and close your eyes. These are six meditations that will actually put you to sleep:

Meditation Masters TV

Guide Jason Stephenson takes you through an hour-long mediation that you will never hear in entirely. You will fall asleep within the first 15 minutes of this meditation, no doubt. His soothing voice will capture your attention, put your worried thoughts to rest, and drag you into the most peaceful sleep.

Yellow Brick Cinema

If you don't want to listen to a stranger's voice, you might enjoy this musical meditation. There's no instruction and no storytelling, only sounds and delta waves. Delta waves are sound frequencies that are thought to communicate with the brain's sleep receptors, essentially. So in theory, this musical meditation should literally lull you asleep, using science.

The Honest Guys

This meditation is a talk-down, meaning it takes its time helping you bring your mind-frame from a frantic day of working and stressing so a peaceful place of nothingness. You'll have to be patient with it and follow along as much as possible in order to get the most out of its effectiveness. There are some ocean effects too which will totally help you to shut down.

Body Mind Zone

If you find that you often wake up or become alert again once the meditation you're listening to is over, this is your jam. It's eight hours long! Make sure you're connected to WiFi and queue up this baby. You can listen to it all night long without worrying about any interruptions.

Freebird Meditations

If you've suffered from long-term issues with insomnia, this meditation is for you. It will help you rethink the way you regard sleep and give you the confidence to believe that you can wind yourself down. Her voice is so nice to listen to, and so calming.

Positive Magazine

If you've tried meditations before and have had no luck, this self-hypnosis guide is going to be a life-saver for you. Besides the fact that this woman's voice will make you instantly start to pass out, her words will not only guide you towards sleep but inspire you along the way. She'll help you train yourself and harness your own power so that you won't even need her meditations one day.

Image: Pexels