10 Things We Know About 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 From New Trailers

HAVE YOU PREPARED THYSELF? Game of Thrones is returning next Sunday and all of your friend's podcasts are about to get a whole lot nerdier! The massively popular HBO fantasy series has one of the most dedicated fandoms this side of Comic Con and viewers have been chomping at the bit for any and all information regarding season four and George R.R. Martin's plans for the rest of the books. HBO released two new trailers for Game of Throne's upcoming premiere, and they are as epic and bloodied as one would expect...and then some.

Fans were recently deeeelighted in Brooklyn with a massive Game of Thrones viewing party held at the Barclays Center (AKA the Jay-Z Mega Entertainment Dome). The event consisted of a Q&A with the show's stars, a chance to actually sit on the iron throne, and ya know...watch the first episode of the highly-anticipated fourth season. Color all of Tumlblr jealous.

Considering Season Four is based on the second half of Martin's A Storm of Swords in the Songs of Fire and Ice book series, to which the show is based, we can only imagine just how gruesome this season will be. Because it just hasn't been violent enough has it? Oh it definitely has. But you know, HBO.

Enjoy the new trailers and here are a few tidbits we can gather before the show's return:

  2. Peter Dinklage is still the best.
  3. Apparently, EVERY MAN MUST DIE. Did you pick up on that?
  5. King Joffrey is a big dumb meanie. But hey another wedding! We know how well those always go..
  6. Jon Snow is just backsliding into his emo-dom.
  7. Things are very sharp and stabby in Westeros.
  8. Pyramids!
  9. Justice is elsewhere.
  10. Daenerys rides a horse and we all quake in fear.
GameofThrones on YouTube
GameofThrones on YouTube