11 Punny Best Friend Halloween Costume Ideas

My best friend and I love to laugh. If we're not texting each other memes, we're telling each other the most horrible puns and loving every minute of it. If you and your best friend also love to laugh, show your sense of humor with some punny best friend Halloween costume ideas. A pun, unlike an ordinary joke, might take a minute to understand, but it's always worth it in the end (if your sense of humor is as puntastic as ours).

There's just something about a punny Halloween costume that makes it all the more satisfying to wear. Sometimes they're more obvious than a funny Halloween costume referencing a show or movie, and sometimes they're less obvious. The real satisfaction comes from that "Aha!" moment when people understand exactly what your costume is trying to say (even if it's just that you're "French Kiss").

Pairing up with your best friend gives you even more options to expand on your punny Halloween costume and really make people laugh (or at least make each other laugh). The possibilities are endless when there's two (or even three!) of you to share in the fun. It's time to round up your favorite memes and jokes of the year and get creative.

Check out these punny best friend costumes to make Halloween 2016 the most hilarious one yet.

1. Wrap Stars

Combine Christmas and birthdays with Halloween by becoming the ultimate "wrap stars." Whether you choose to be M&M or 25 Cent, you and your best friend will look like superstars at the Halloween party. The best part of this costume is, you can add as much bling as you want to create your "wrap star" personas.

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2. Punk Rocks

If you want to express your love for music a little differently this Halloween, try going as punk rock(er)s. Show how hardcore you both are with a pair of stone masks, and dress them up with colored hair and as many fake piercings as you can find. Punk rock is what you make it out to be, so feel free to get creative!

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3. Cereal Killers

Possibly the best pun on the list, these cereal killer costumes are so simple to throw together and perfect for outwardly expressing your shared love for puns. Make these costumes really stand out with props like fake knives and giant spoons. Cheerios will be running for cover when they see you walking down the street.

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4. Candy Rappers

This is where a love for music comes back into the equation. If you want to impersonate your favorite rapper but still show off your love of puns, try out these candy rapper costumes. Use microphones and cool sunglasses to show off your style.

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5. Pool Party

No, it's not that kind of pool party. This pun costume takes billiards and partying to the next level with just the right amount of each. Grab your pool cues to make these awesome pool party costumes, or switch it up and one of you can go as pool while the other goes as a party.

What You'll Need:

6. Aluminum F.O.I.L.

Some of us like to think of math as a thing of the past. No matter how much you and your friend might have spaced out in math class (or maybe you loved it!) F.O.I.L. is a formula (or at least an acronym) that sticks with you. Wrap yourselves in foil and write "F.O.I.L." across the front for a cheap and easy outfit. Get your pun on with these aluminum foil costumes and show everyone how bright (and shiny) you two really are.

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7. Netflix and Children of the Corn

This isn't your ordinary Netflix and chill costume. With a spooky twist, these costumes honor a Stephen King classic, making them both hilarious and terrifying. The contacts are really what make these creepy pun outfits pop.

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8. Hairy Potter and Ron Weasel-y

It can't be the first time you've heard of going as "Hairy Potter" for Halloween. But, why not change it up? Bring along Harry's best friend, Ron Weasel-y, and really make this a night to remember. Let's hope you've been practicing your transfiguration spells for this one. You're going to need it.

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9. Tic Tac Toe

Don't be afraid to be all out cheesy with this "tic tac toe" costume. You and your best friend will have to stick by each other's side most of the night for it to make sense, but it's worth it for the pun (fun). Do it right and this costume should be "toe-tally" awesome.

What You'll Need:

10. Weak Days

This is the perfect costume if you happen to have more than one best friend, and you all want to participate in the Halloween fun. Throw in as many days of the week as you like (but you're kind of limited to seven), and show off your muscles — or lack thereof, in this case —with a super heavy pair of weights. You'll be everyone's favorite "weak days."

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11. Legend Dairy

A classic in the world of puns, this costume is sure to be memorable when you look back at old photographs and see yourself dressed as a giant carton of milk. There are so many ways to do this costume right, but going with a cool map legend and some milk as the dairy is definitely a fun way to do it. Stick together and everyone will be calling your costumes "legend-dairy" this Halloween.

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