Watch Melania Trump Excuse Donald's "Boy Talk"

On Monday, Melania Trump discussed — on-camera for the first time — her husband's infamous "grab them by the pussy" comments. If you're wondering how to watch the Melania CNN interview, the full segment aired at 8 p.m. EST Monday night. However, CNN has posted several clips of the conversation on its website, and they contain some interesting tidbits on its own. You can watch the clips below.

Anderson Cooper asked Melania about Donald's 2005 conversation with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, in which the real estate tycoon discussed his efforts to sleep with a married woman and bragged that, in general, he could kiss women and grab their genitals without their consent, because he's "a star." Melania defended Donald on the grounds that he was "egged on" by Bush to make the remarks, which she brushed off as "boy talk."

"I wonder if they even knew that the mic was on," Melania said. "Because they were kind of, uhh, boy talk. And [Donald] was led on — like, egged on — by the host to say dirty and bad stuff." Here's how you can watch the interview.

Watch CNN's Clips

Melania saying Trump was "egged on" is an odd excuse. For one, nothing on the tape suggests that Bush was encouraging Donald to talk like that. Donald does most of the talking, and Bush pipes in occasionally to agree, essentially playing the role of Trump's sidekick. Moreover, even if it were the case that Bush was egging Donald on, that wouldn't speak highly of the GOP presidential candidate. It would suggest that Donald was pressured into bragging about his sex life because he wanted to impress one of the younger, less impressive members of the Bush clan.

That said, the 2005 tape does illustrate the dynamic that Melania described — but it's Donald, not Bush, who's doing the egging on. Often, men who wouldn't make overtly misogynistic comments of their own volition will agree, sometimes absentmindedly, with other men who do make such comments. Though unintentional, this type of passive agreement encourages misogyny and sexism just as much as explicitly sexist comments.

The clip of the Trump and Bush chatting — especially at the end, after they leave the bus — is an excellent, though depressing, example of this phenomenon, and it's something all well-meaning men should be aware of.

Wait For CNN To Upload The Full Interview

For now, CNN only has snippets of the interview up. But the channel will likely make the full video available soon.

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