Jonathan Cheban’s Latest Endeavor Is Eat, Er, Neat

It is time to give thanks, for FoodGod has given us the present of a lifetime: the opportunity to tuck into Cheban-approved dinners every night of the week. As People reports, friend of the Kardashian family and Instagram foodie Jonathan Cheban launched a prepared meal delivery service. The Cheebs is one of the folks behind Prepped Delivery, a company that sends fresh 'n' healthy 'n' gourmet pre-made dishes to their clients’ doorsteps.

“People were always asking me about where to go and what to eat,” FoodGod told People. “No one eats at restaurants as much as I do. So I wanted to do something gourmet, but accessible for everyone.”

As the website explains, Prepped Delivery has “partnered with local farms and suppliers to bring you meals that are prepared without all of the added hormones, antibiotics and GMOs used by big corporations.”

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume customers shouldn't expect to see any rock shrimp-based dinners on the Prepped Delivery menu anytime soon. I mean, this is probably the closest most of us plebes will ever get to dining with the Cheebs, and I doubt he'd ever let those "generic" crustaceans anywhere near the experience.

If I've learned anything from the Cheebs, it's that non-generic, non-embarrassing shellfish will do.

Image: eye-sigh/tumblr