Evil Genius Teacher Threatens 'Games Of Thrones' Spoilers In Attempt To Settle Rowdy Students

Think cleaning erasers in the hall or going to the principal's office was bad? A worse punishment for bad behavior would be learning the characters who die in season three of the HBO series Game Of Thrones before you had a chance to watch the show through. Believe it or not, this medieval, and pure evil, punishment tactic is being used by a Belgium teacher who is just plain sick and tired of his class acting up on his watch.

During a particularly heated math lesson, the teacher, who has read the entire "Game Of Thrones" book series, almost took to his chalkboard and listed each of the characters who suffer fatality in the third chapter of the über-popular fictional production. While the students thought their teacher was kidding, and eventually calmed down, the instructor actually began to list names of deceased characters with accompanying description of their passing.

The Telegraph reported that a recent survey found "that almost one third of secondary school teachers do not feel confident using the powers they have to discipline children who behave badly," so an alternative punishment could be in order for these seriously overacting pupils. While most teachers will probably steer clear from enacting these types of repercussions, it sure would teach those meddling kids a lesson they would never forget.

Image: HBO