Don't Do This During Sex. Please?

Is technology a slave to us, or are we a slave to it? It’s a question for the ages — and one to which we might have some answers now, thanks to a new study. I’m just not totally sure I like the answers. Durex recently surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK for a study investigating how technology is impacting our sex lives. Here’s a sampling of what they found:

  • More than five percent of Brits have used Facebook while knocking boots with someone else.
  • Londoners are more likely to use Facebook during sex than those who live elsewhere in the UK; similarly, men are twice as likely to do it as women are.
  • More than 15 percent of people in the UK say they’d answer the phone or check their text messages during sex.
  • 33 percent say that technology is actually getting in the way of their sex lives.
  • 30 percent say that their partner has been distracted by some sort of electronic device while having sex.
  • 60 percent admit that they spend more time in bed playing with technology than playing with their partner.

This? Is troubling. It makes me think of an episode of the television show Black Mirror (also, perhaps not coincidentally, British) called “The Entire History of You,” which details the collapse of a relationship in a world where pretty much everyone has a chip in their brain that allows them to play back old memories like movies. There’s one scene in particular in which the couple in question are busy getting it on — but while they’re doing it, they’re both replaying a different, wilder night of passion from much earlier in their relationship, thanks to those chips. They’re totally disconnected from each other in reality, which makes for a really, really unsettling moment.

All I can say is, I hope our obsession with technology doesn’t get that bad. It can be useful, yes — but let’s not lose touch with, y’know, the actual people in our lives. Besides: Sex is way better than Facebook! Unless, of course, these people are having really bad sex...

Image: Bustle Stock Photo