Mark Wahlberg Says 'Transformers' Is The Most Iconic Movie Ever, We Say "LOL"

When you look back in cinematic history, which franchise would you call iconic? And, more specifically, which franchise would you peg as the most iconic ever? Well, Mark Walhberg says that Transformers is the most iconic franchise in the history of ever. You're welcome, American cinema.

Hence why he jumped on board to star in Transformers: Age of Extinction without any hesitation. He told folks at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that he, "had to jump at the opportunity because I really feel like it is probably the most iconic franchise in movie history."

Like, ever. More iconic that Star Wars, or even Planet of The Apes! — hey, Marky-Mark (mind if I call ya that?), weren't you a part of that redux back in '01?

But did he mean popular? Transformers is pretty popular — even though most would be unlikely to call it the most popular franchise ever, as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games could easily surpass Transformers in a popularity contest. Or did he mean coolest toy-to-movie transition? Even so, The Lego Movie may have it beat, there. Or did he mean Michael Bay-iest? Welcome to the Dictionary Of Mark Wahlberg, America.

Perhaps when we remind Wahlberg of what he said and what the definition of iconic actually is, he will have this wonderful (and very much appropriate) reaction:

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