11 Hairstyles That Look Amazing Under A Beanie

Hats are cute, but sadly, hat hair is not. There is nothing worse than taking off a beanie only to find that your cute 'do is completely flattened and ruined, especially if you took time to attempt to make it look good before leaving the house. Luckily, there are certain hairstyles that you can wear under a beanie that will look cute when you have it on and when you go inside and rip it off under the blasting heat. After all, we need to look cute for all of the ice skating/snowman building/hot chocolate drinking Instagrams we plan to post once the snow starts falling.

There are tons of different styles of winter beanies to choose from — from tight cashmere skullcaps to floppy, oversized knits — which means there really is something for everyone. For those of us who don't love washing our hair (cough cough, me) beanies are a serious saving grace because no one will ever have to see the greasy top of your head unless you want them to. And the best part? Dirty hair tends to hold styling better, so it actually will help keep your braids/buns/waves in tact under your hat.

Here are 11 hairstyles for you to try out under your beanie. Start practicing now before the cold front hits.

1. A Low Bun

This easy, twisted chignon sits at the base of your neck and won't be bothered by the beanie. Leave a few pieces out in the front to frame your face.

2. Braid Tails

Two braids are better than one! Braid tails on either side of your head look adorable hanging out from under a beanie.

3. Tight Dutch Or Inverted FrenchBraids

Tightly braid your hair as close to the scalp as possible to keep the 'do tight and from falling out under your hat.

4. Loose French Braid

If your hairstyle is messy to being with, you won't have to worry about a beanie messing it up. French braid your hair the same way you normally would, then stick your fingers in between the strands to loosen it up. The more pieces that fall, the better! Just note that it will loosen up further on its own throughout the day.

5. Topsy Pony Tail

Upgrade your low-pony with an inside out braid. This style require multiple small (preferably clear) elastics, so make sure you stock up before trying it out at home.

6. Side Bun

Underneath a beanie, a back-facing bun may make it look like you have no hair. Swing it over to the side for an updated version of the look.

7. Cascading Curls

Since your beanie covers the top part of your head, all you really need to worry about is the sides. Use a curling iron to curl the from the bottom of your hair to approximately the tops of your ears, and spritz hairspray to hold.

8. Flat Top Bun

Worried about messing up the top of your hair under your hat? French braid your hair tightly from the front of your scalp to the back of your skull, then secure leftover hair into a low bun.

9. Halo Braid

Make your beanie the main attraction by hiding all your hair underneath with a halo braid... Which you can totally do, even with short hair. This style also happen to look particularly cute with a cold weather headband, so consider adding one of those to your wardrobe, too.

10. Faux Bangs

Want a little hair poking out from the front of your hat? Try giving yourself bangs, no scissors necessary.

11. A Wrapped Pony

Looking for a quick, easy way to wrangle your hair on your way out the door? Pull it into a low pony and wrap the elastic with a chunk of hair, then secure it with a bobby pin.

Image: Shuttershock