Leave It To Twitter To Make "Bad Hombres" Funny

by Kadeen Griffiths

Do you remember where were you when Donald Trump said "bad hombres" during the final presidential debate? Or should I say bad ombrés? I was on Twitter, trying to figure out if people were as bewildered as I was by the presidential candidate saying "we have some bad hombres here" when speaking about Mexican immigrants. What I instead found was that Twitter was already having fun with the weirdly pronounced and offensive statement. In fact, they ended up turning "bad hombres" into "bad ombré" — the latter of which is sure to be the hot new winter trend in hair care, I'm sure. Listen, I love a good ombré as much as the next girl. I've never tried it for my hair, personally, but I've seen some good ombrés. And honestly, I'd rather see some bad ombrés than listen to a potential future president seriously stand in front of America and say there are bad hombres in our country.

Luckily, Twitter provided me with what I would have never thought to ask for, and so a new meme was born. Sometimes, the only way to deal with the presidential debates — and indeed, much of what Donald Trump says during the presidential debates — is to find a way to laugh about it.

Well, laugh at the following memes, guys, because they are literally too hilarious to handle.

1. Explaining The Joke

Nothing like a visual cue to really drive home how bad a bad ombré can be.

2. We Know What He Really Meant

That would have honestly been a more logical statement to me.

3. I Hate To Say It, But...

Caution: Agreeing with Donald Trump may make you feel like you need to wash your hands and take a shower. Or nine showers.

4. Even Cosmo Got In On This

It happens even to the best of us.

5. Those Monsters

To whoever's hair this is: I'm really sorry, but ya gotta go.

6. This Sick Burn

Does this mean Trump will be getting rid of himself?

7. Twitter Has A Short Attention Span

Did we need to hear anything else out of Donald Trump? Let's be honest.

8. The Real Issue We Need To Discuss

Forget that whole health care thing — can we talk about this whole hair care thing?

9. But On The Other Hand, Shut Up

Say it loud and say it proud, ladies. #BadHairDontCare.

10. Not To Call Anybody Out, But...

So much tea is being spilled tonight.

11. Pay Attention, Trump

See? The hair care problem can be solved peacefully.

12. Let's Not Be Hypocritical

When are we going to talk about this, Mr. Trump?

13. Even The Dictionary Doesn't Approve

When you get burned by Webster's Dictionary, I think you should officially retire.

At the end of the day, whether or not you agree with Trump's policies or campaign, he has called attention to a really, really huge problem in America. Whether that problem is bad ombrés or people who won't stop complaining about bad ombrés is for you to decide.