Donald Trump Thinks "Bigly" Is Going To Be Huge, Keeps On Saying It

Donald Trump is trying to make "bigly" happen again at the final presidential debate Wednesday night, despite the fact that it LITERALLY is not going to happen, and that people already called him on this during the last debate. Donald, stop trying to make bigly happen. It isn't going to happen.

"Bigly" in case you haven't been following, is Trump's shorthand for the term "big league" — even though it totally isn't a word that exists in popular vernacular anymore. It's hard to say whether he's mispronouncing the term, or actually thinks "bigly" is a word he should use. It's sad to say that it's hard to tell.

Trump first used the word during the second presidential debate when he said, "I'm lowering taxes, actually, because I think it's so important for corporations because we have corporations leaving — massive corporations and little ones — little ones can’t form. We’re getting rid of regulations which goes hand in hand with the lowering of the taxes. But we're bringing the tax rate down from thirty five percent to fifteen percent. We’re cutting taxes for the middle class, and I will tell you, we are cutting them bigly [big league] for the middle class. And I will tell you Hillary Clinton is raising your taxes, folks."

As it turns out, "bigly" is a word — just not one that's been used for the past 100 years.

According to Merriam Webster, bigly means "in a big manner, with great scope," or "in a swelling blustering manner," which pretty much sums his campaign up.

Naturally, when Trump said the word "bigly" multiple times during the final debate Wednesday night, Twitter was ready.

Twitter v. "Bigly"

Oh, Donald. Let's face it: You lost, this time and the last two times. Bigly.