Donald Trump's Iraq Audio Clears Up What He Really Said To Howard Stern About The War

Before there were sex scandals and hot microphones exposing sexual assault monologues. Before people rising from the dead to commit voter fraud became a hot button issue. Right around the time of the never ending "Mr. Trump, send out your tax returns," the presidential election was beset with trying to figure out if Republican nominee Donald Trump supported the Iraq War.

Some may have forgotten about this controversy, but the third presidential debate was like a decades old band playing a concert. There were some new issues to see and then they brought out the greatest hits. And Trump's refusal to admit that he, however briefly, supported the war in Iraq, is one of his all time chart-toppers.

Trump has been trying, for purposes of the election, to backtrack or outright deny his support of the Iraq War since at least June. But to anyone who would listen, he'd been giving some soft criticism of the war for years. However, an unearthed 2002 interview on the Howard Stern Show reveals Trump saying that he supported the invasion of Iraq.

Had Trump admitted outright that he gave at least some support to the Iraq war before he switched teams, this likely would not have been a real issue. But Trump denied and here we are, in the final debate, once again reminding everyone that Trump is on record supporting the war.

So for (hopefully) the last time, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump denied supporting the war in Iraq. For the record, here is the audio from the Donald Trump and Howard Stern episode.

Yes, it was the Howard Stern Show. Yes, the Howard Stern Show is far from high brow political analysis. But somehow in this election Stern and his show have had a major impact. Something Trump has not realized when it comes to this issue is that while some may forget and move on, the Internet never forgets.