SiliDog Makes Dog Tags You Can't Hear Coming

Forget barking — there's often one main giveaway that your dog is headed over to you: the clang or clink of their dog tag. For some people, that constant sound might get super annoying, but Friday night's Shark Tank episode will feature SiliDog, a solution to this pup problem. You may want to know where to buy SiliDog, so you too can get some piece of mind (and quiet) from the constant dog tag noise on your active furry friend.

Founder and CEO Michael Lickstein found that making SiliDog tags out of silicone cut the jingling to zero on man's best friend, according to an interview with Local10 ABC News in South Florida. "This is durable. You can bite through it," he said last year. "He can rip it, stretch it, and pull it — this is what a dog tag should be made of." The silicone also features the name of your precious pup, just like a good ol' engraved (and noisy) metal tag. The brand's silent, never fading, durable, and glow-in-the-dark varieties are all available to order on the SiliDog website, as well as the company's Etsy site and Amazon.

SiliDog Tag, $20, Amazon

Here's what else you should know about SiliDog tags.

About The Founder

According to Local10 and the SiliDog Kickstarter page, Lickstein has a master's degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Florida, so starting a business is right up his alley.

How It Started

Lickstein adopted a rescue dog named Bentley, who constantly scratched due to fleas — and that caused a never-ending dog-tag clatter, according to the company website. That then inspired the Florida native to find away to make a silent identifier for his pup, who appears on Shark Tank with Lickstein.

"Beaten and abused, his scratching throughout the night kept waking me up and the color and engraving on his tags kept fading," Lickstein wrote on the SiliDog Kickstarter page. "I wanted to solve this problem."

Funded By Kickstarter

In 2015, Lickstein launched a campaign for SiliDog and the project wound up raising over $11,000, which helped purchase tooling and machinery to produce the dog tags, according to the Kickstarter.

Colors & Shapes

Don't worry — all of the classic dog tag shapes like fire hydrant, heart, bone, and circle are all there for your pup to try. They also come in fun colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, and white — and the company website promises that they will not fade. The tags also glow-in-the-dark, so you might not be able to hear your pup at night, but you will surely see his or her tag.


SiliDog Tags, $20, Amazon

According to the company website, SiliDog tags cost $20, which includes engraving, free shipping, and a donation to charity.

The Dogs

They look adorable wearing the tags as well.

But viewers will have to see if the Sharks feel the same way and make a lot of noise about investing in these new and improved dog tags.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC (2)