17 Sets Of Pretty Press On Nails For Anyone Totally Over Acrylics

Having long, glamorous nails is an understandable thing to want — they look good, you can pretend you're scratching away patriarchal values, and they make holding everyday objects look and feel a hundred times better. However, by using press on nails, you no longer have to go through the effort of going to a manicurist and wondering how to take care of acrylic nails.

With a little bit of nail glue, extra care when using your nails and a price tag that's a lot cheaper than a salon visit, press on nails are a great alternative to acrylic or gel nails. It's understandable that press on nails might not seem like the best option. They're less permanent, for one. And although the designs in the drugstore aren't exactly on trend, there are plenty of cute ones to be had if you're shopping online.

These designs are all pretty different from each other, but that just means there's something for everyone. If you're looking for an on trend chrome nail, there's one on this list. If your love of vintage would be perfectly suited to a polka dot nail, there's that too. That's what's so great about nail art in general: The limits of designs are endless as you're willing to experiment.

1. Metallic Ombre

Metallic Ombre Press On Nails, $10, Amazon

Make your manicure seem out of this world with these edgy, metallic nails. Changing in tone from purple to blue, this set of nails is sure to get you noticed.

2. Tie Dye Boho

Sunshine Boho Press On Nails, $21+, Etsy

Coachella may be long gone, but the tie dye effect on these nails will help you hold on to those hippie vibes well into winter.

3. Glitter Stiletto

Glitter Stiletto Press On Nails, $12, Etsy

Not too over-the-top, this subtle glitter tipped nail is the perfect addition of sparkle to any outfit.

4. Gold Details

Gold Details Black Stiletto Press On Nails, $15, Etsy

The detailing on this nails is absolutely gorgeous and looks expensive, so who's to say you can't pretend this is an $100 mani?

5. Black Ribbon

Black Ribbon Press On Nails, $9, Amazon

Why have one signature nail when you can have four? This quirky design isn't likely to be seen elsewhere.

6. Shattered Glass

Shattered Deeds Black, $16, Static Nails

Shattered glass nails has been one of the major nail trends this year, but you don't have to break the bank to get them. This dark version of the look is available for less than twenty bucks!

7. Polka Dot

Polka Dot Press On Nails, $10, Amazon

These dotty nails with bow accents are a twee take on having your nails on fleek.

8. Matte Purple

Matte Purple Press On Nails, $10, Amazon

Matte nails seem so effortlessly chic, don't they? And as press ons, they really can be low on effort.

9. Pink Glitter

Pink Glitter Press On Nails, $8, Amazon

Or if you're after the perfect princess nails, this set of pink glitter press ons are perfect for you.

10. Marble

Black And Gold Marble Press On Nails, $26+, Etsy

Marble effect nails (and a healthy dose of gold leaf) will help make you feel like more of a Kardashian in no time — who can forget that infamous $1million bet between Kim and Kris over marble tabletops?

11. Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose Press On Nails, $11, Etsy

Keep it classic with these nails that are really reminiscent of a Cath Kidston print.

12. Shattered Glass

Shattered Deeds Pink, $16, Static Nails

The lighter version of the dark shattered glass nails already on this list, and equally as pretty as the blue versions.

13. Chrome

Chrome Press On Nails, $13, Etsy

Hop on that chrome nails trend without ruining your nailbeds with these fashionable press ons.

14. Rhinestone

Rhinestone Press On Nails, $31, Etsy

Why hold back and have some sleek looking nails when you can be dripping with gems instead? The ultimate nails for anyone who loves all things tacky.

15. Holographic

Holographic Press On Nails, $18, Etsy

Whether '90s style is in or not, holographic anything always looks cool.

16. Black And Gold

Black And Gold Press On Nails, $7, Amazon

This crescent manicure trend is the opposite of getting contrasting tips, but it's just as pretty to look at.

17. Nude Ombre

Nude Ombre Press On Nails, $5, Amazon

A pretty, subtle kind of nail that totally doesn't look like you've been digging around in a chimney, promise.

Out of all these nails, there's sure to be a pair that suits your style perfectly. If you've never experimented with long nails before, press ons are a great place to start. They're not only easy to use and easy to remove, but it's proven they can be just as beautiful as a more permanent set of nails.

Images: Courtesy Brands