Jodie Foster Is Directing A 'Black Mirror' Episode, So That Already Makes Season 4 Worth Watching

The future is coming at a faster pace than anticipated as each new episode of Netflix's Black Mirror is released. With Season 3 of the hit series premiering on Oct. 21, fans of Charlie Brooker's sci-fi drama are in for a series of mind-bending new concepts regarding life and technology as they know it. And now — even if you have yet to finish all of Season 3 — there's already enough of an incentive to start looking forward to more. Why? Jodie Foster will be directing an episode of Black Mirror in Season 4, according to Variety.

While she may be known for her acting talent, Foster has ample directing experience under her belt. Her résumé includes an episode of House Of Cards, an episode of Orange Is The New Black, and her 2016 film, Money Monster. While no specific details about her Black Mirror episode have been released just yet, Poltergeist actor, Rosemarie DeWitt, is set to star and production will begin later this year. But that's not even the best part. What makes this news so exciting is Foster's strong grasp on this kind of content. If her work in movies such as The Silence Of The Lambs, Contact, and even 2013's Elysium aren't qualifying enough, then I don't know what is.

Making this all the more momentous, this will be Foster's first dive into directing in the science-fiction realm. With her closest behind-the-camera experience being an episode of 1988's thriller series Tales From The Darkside, she's finally combining more of her pivotal acting roles with her directoral work. Not only is this a ground-breaking step in her career, but also for the show itself. Why? Foster will be Black Mirror's first female director — perhaps her work can help uncover more opportunities for other female directors.

As Black Mirror fans know, there really are no limits to what her episode could entail. Any topic is up for grabs, and knowing Foster's expertise in the industry, it's enough to get me to tune in.

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Production for Season 4 is set to begin at the end of 2016 with a 2017 premiere. While you wait, all of Black Mirror Season 3 is streaming on Netflix starting Friday.

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