Swatches Of ColourPop’s Fall 2016 Kits Will Convince You To Make A Purchase

ColourPop’s becoming the one-stop shop for all of your fall beauty needs. If you want a great terracotta shade to slick on your pout, they’ve got you covered. Looking for an incredible metallic eyeshadow? You know where to go! Swatches of ColourPop’s New Fall Kits will have you convinced that these bundle options are the items to shop this season. Why shop one shade at a time when you could rack up on multiple at once, you know? Now you’re thinking!

You’ll find three different sets in the upcoming ColourPop launch, according to the brand's Snapchat. First, there’s Persuede Me which is a set of six different Matte X lippies that are perfect for the fall season. There’s everything from a dirty peach kind of shade to a deep, dark plum. Come on, what’s not to love about that? Next up, there’s Love A Flare which houses your go-to neutral and dark shades, but don’t worry, there’s a bit of shimmer in there, too. Lastly, is It’s Vintage, which is a mini-mattes collection of five liquid lipsticks.

Persuede Me and Love A Flare are retailing for $25, and It’s Vintage will only be $18. Be sure to shop these kits as soon as they’re available so you can have this season’s latest and greatest beauty items once and for all!

Gotta get these goods.

You're going to love what this $25 set has in store for you.

Whether you're going for a minimal makeup look or a glamorous one, there's a shade to suit your mood in this bundle.

The Love A Flare eyeshadow kit is everything.

You've got everything you need to create the perfect smoky eye.

And as an added bonus, there's a bright pop of sparkle in there. Because you Love A Flare, after all. Hehe Get it?

Last, but certainly not least, there's a cute little mini kit.

Not only are these shades stunning, there's also completely on-trend.

Each kit goes live at exactly 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Oct. 21. Scoop 'em up on the ColourPop website before they're gone! Because products this good surely won't last long.

Images: ColourPopCo/Snapchat (8)