Why 'Legally Blonde' Is The One Movie You Need To Rewatch Before It Leaves Netflix In November

As each month dies down, we all wait with anticipation for the arrival and dismissal of streamable Netflix titles. Inevitably, something brilliant is usually sacrificed for the fresh content — so now, I hope you'll join me in pink-shrouded mourning as I announce that Legally Blonde is leaving Netflix in Nov. 2016. Yes, it was only a matter of time before Elle Woods left the streaming movie paradise for different pastures... but seriously, this is your last call to catch the 2001 hit film, so let me reiterate why you should carve out a chunk of time amidst your Halloween movie marathon and go back to Harvard with the flaxen-haired heroine.

Consider it a call to action before wintertime damns us all, because there's a certain trajectory a lot of us follow with the death of October. After the spooky, party-rich rush of October, we get swiftly sweater bound in November, which almost instantaneously segues to Thanksgiving, then to Christmas, and by January, everyone is done until spring. Slothful days are upon us all, and so it may seem strange to suggest that you settle down with a movie. But, as Legally Blonde shows, sometimes you just need to find the right motivation to restructure your entire life.

So, meet Elle, a fashion merchandising major who decides to win her ex-boyfriend Warner back by enrolling in Harvard Law School... not quite the right motivation, but an important kick-off to her journey. After getting serious about studying for the LSATs (and delivering a killer admissions video), our girl is momentarily shaken when she finds out that Warner's engaged to some horrible preppy girl. And thus, broken by blond jokes and left standing in a bunny costume, Elle decides to dedicate herself to becoming an amazing lawyer on her own terms, all the while building bridges between enemies and forming friendships.

You know the story, it's a tale as old as time.

But the reason it's really worth a second glance before it goes into the endless internet void is because you probably need Elle Woods to kick your ass into action. If you need to make some positive growth in your life, it's best to do it while the leaves are still changing versus being frozen in the core of winter.

Maybe that montage of Elle cramming during Greek week is the push necessary to brush up on your GREs. Maybe Elle walking out of Vivian's party is something you need to see to shed the loser ex-boyfriend you're still moping over (if such is the case, I'm sure your Legally Blonde rewatch will be unaccompanied by an overturned box of Godiva chocolates). And perhaps you need to see Elle walk into the court room wearing her signature bubble gum hue in order to follow a new passion, to push out the resumes for jobs you want instead of sticking around the job you feel everyone thinks you should have.

Also, there's a really cute dog.

Legally Blonde departs Netflix Nov. 1, so let Elle back into your life before it's too late and then go out and show the world how valuable you can be.

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