Lululemon's Fall 2016 Collection Features Its Most Innovative Designs & Fabric Techniques Ever — PHOTOS

Whatever your workout of choice is, Lululemon's gear has traditionally had you covered. Through down dogs, training runs, and tap back heavy spin classes, their sports bras, leggings and performance tops have always had your back (and your boobs, and all of your other body parts that need supporting). And this season is no different — Lululemon's fall 2016 collection is officially its best yet.

To learn more about the exciting new things in store for the brand, Bustle spoke to Anoosha Foroughi, the Design Concept Director of both the Women's and Men's lines.

This season, it was all about functionality and craftsmanship, as well as a lot of new prints. "We like to say that our team established a new handwriting for our prints, as every individual print takes endless hours to develop," says Fouroughi. "Our engineers have focused heavily on contouring the body in motion, as prints are created using a highly technical process that place patterns on the silhouette of the body to fit and flatter."

The August, September, and October collections featured a lot of jewelry tones meant for outfitting, brand new stitch and trim detailing and a never before seen multicolor print called "Boom Boom" that comes in a variety of shades. In the wake of the new line, here are five cool things we learned about Lululemon's best pieces yet.

1. Each Piece Is One Of A Kind

This season, the brand is introducing new dying techniques like jacquard, ombré, and shibori, which means you'll want to add tons of new pieces to your workout-wear collection. And the best part? Each Lululemon garment is individually dyed, making every item unique.

2. The Colors Are Totally Unique To The Brand

"We're constantly developing custom colors to incorporate them into our palette," says Foroughi. "We look at color through a performance lens and determine what our Lululemon guests would want to wear and feel good in."

3. Certain Colors Are Meant For Certain Activities

Apparently, the fact that Lululemon's yoga clothes are different colors from their other activewear is no mistake. "We never want color to be a distraction in your practice, so we tend to steer clear of anything too loud, especially in yoga.," says Foroughi. Because of this, yoga clothes tend to be softer and more powdery, while cardio styles tend to be deep rich colors with small bright accents.

4. The Color Of Your Clothes Can Affect Your Workout

'Yes, color does affect your mood!" says Foroughi. This is the motivation behind keeping yoga clothes more neutral and those for cardio more intense. "For our high intensity train and run styles, we juxtapose neutral colors with bright and punchy colors," says Foroughi. "That way, Lululemon guests feel more amped to work out harder!"

5. The Most Popular Colors Are Not What You Would Expect

Besides black and navy, pink and aqua have traditionally been the best-selling colors in the Lululemon collection. This month, they're testing a new military green shade and are eager to see the reaction from customers.

To shop Lululemon's fall collection and their other new releases, click here.

Images: Courtesy Of Lululemon