15 "I Am A Nasty Woman Because" Tweets Whose Messages Of Female Empowerment Will Inspire You

When Donald Trump made his now infamous remark at the third presidential debate, he probably didn't think that it might have been the final nail in the coffin of his candidacy. When Trump called Hillary Clinton "such a nasty woman," America's female population collectively burst out laughing and brilliantly repurposed the phrase. Now, thousands of women are using the hashtag "I Am A Nasty Woman Because" to spread a message of female empowerment.

Women are touching on all sorts of points with the now-viral hashtag, from voting to abortion rights to standing up to mansplaining at work to rejecting what outdated tradition deems is "ladylike." Taken all together, it's the great big feminist-fueled wave that Clinton has been waiting for all along. Maybe there are still questions about her record, maybe questions remain about some of her policies, maybe she wasn't exactly the candidate that everyone wanted — and then her opponent makes an absurd, gratuitously sexist remark at the debate, and now she is all of us. And politics aside, the hashtag brings messages of female empowerment to the foreground, right where it deserves to be.

Without ever meaning to do it, Trump inspired a feminist outcry. Huffington Post women asked the female side of Twitter to tell them hashtag "I Am A Nasty Woman Because," and the results aren't disappointing in the slightest. Here are some of the best responses to which all the nasty women out there can relate.

1. Do we really still have to explain this?

A concept that the Republican nominee for president seems to have an exceptionally difficult time wrapping his head around.

2. A Good Reminder For Such A Tense Election

Amid all the vitriol, this is a good message to hear.

3. Looking Out For Number One

Definitely something Trump would consider "nasty."

4. This Is Something Everyone Can Relate To

Nothing comes for free — it comes through hard work and dedication.

5. Nasty Women Stand Up For Their Rights To Their Own Bodies

Making an excruciatingly difficult personal decision shouldn't be any more difficult than it already is.

6. Raising Nasty Women Starts Early

It's never too early to be a feminist.

7. Yes. Just... Yes.

A woman's voice is a big part of what makes her nasty. So — listen.

8. No Nasty Woman Is Alone In This Fight

The trailblazers and fellow travelers on the path are pretty awesome, tbh.

9. This Shouldn't Have To Be Said

But unfortunately it does, over and over and over again.

10. Is it Miss, or Mrs.?

It's Doctor.

11. Nasty Women Aren't Just Voting For Themselves

No one should have to come of age during a Trump presidency.

12. GOP: Take Note

Human people. Not just female people, human people.

13. Because Bossy Isn't Bitchy

But it is nasty.

14. Preach, Sister!

Baking skills can also be nasty.

15. You Can And You Will

Step one for changing the world: voting to keep Trump far away from the Oval Office.