Prometheus 2: Millions of Fassbenders?

Ridley Scott has been busy — aside from working on a new version of Blade Runner (we're still like why, why? How are you gonna top Harrison Ford?), Ridley Scott has Prometheus 2 in the works with writer Michael Green. Prometheus was a prequel-ish to Scott's Alien franchise, and didn't disappoint us in the "aliens bursting out of bodily cavities" department: the end of 2012's Prometheus showed us an "Engineer" (one of the predecessors of the human race) being ripped apart by a chest-alien.

Green, who is writing the script, also wrote The Green Lantern and The Flash, and on the small screen, Heroes and Smallville. Details about the new Prometheus are scarce, but one truth of the movie that's leaked: "the sequel is expected to feature multiple ‘David’ androids, which means there will be more than one Michael Fassbender on screen at the same time." I wonder if all these multiple Davids will be as handsy as the first Fassbender was in Prometheus. Have you ever seen a sci-fi movie where people were just so willing to get their hands on everything on an alien planet? No word on the cast yet, besides, of course, Fass, who will be featured by the millions.