How To Order Food On Facebook From The Comfort Of Your Own Browser

You might have already noticed that Facebook launched a few new features this week that help businesses on Pages have more direct interactions with users. And while there are plenty of cool new ways you can interact with your favorite companies, there's only one feature that my hungry heart beats for: the one that shows you how to order food on Facebook. Yes, you read that right — you can now order food from your favorite restaurants Facebook Page's, straight from the site.

There will no longer be any redirecting or reloading of pages. Facebook is making it beyond simple for us hungry users, so you're definitely going to want to know how to access this new feature, which is bound to be your new favorite thing about Facebook. And if you're sitting there wondering why I follow all of my favorite restaurants on Facebook, first of all duh, and second, because it creates a sense of community in a digital space that can sometimes feel very isolating and impersonal. Following your favorite business not only keeps you in the know regarding changes and updates and specials, but it also helps you to see the business as a person too. You get to know the people who run the business and make it what it is.

OK, so this is how you get your paws on food, via Facebook:

Find The Restaurant

You don't have to already follow the business, though it makes it easier to find if you do. Type in the name of the restaurant you want to order from into the Facebook search bar. Once you locate it, head over to that page. If you see a "Start Order" button, that means the restaurant is open and ready for some delivery action with Facebook. Keep in mind that if you don't find your favorite restaurant with an available "Start Order" button, it might be added soon. Not everyone is up-to-speed with this new feature.

Get Situated

First, it will ask you to make sure that you're within their delivering area. Enter your address and let the system verify you're within range.

Order Your Meal

It's really no different than Seamless. Just scroll through the menu and add the items you'd like to your cart.

Check Out

Once you've fulfilled your order (and reached the minimum), head to the check out where you'll store your credit card information (making your next order much easier), add your tip, and confirm the order.

Badda Bing

Badda boom! It's so easy to use this new feature and it makes your interaction just a tad more personal than ordering through a third-party site. Not to mention, if you feel like sending the restaurant some praise for your meal, you're already on their page and can instantly interact with their other users. Let people know which dish you like the best! Share your best Instagram-style overhead shot of it. Bring some humanity to your digital community!

Image: Pexels