Now You Can Experience Madonna's Rebel Heart

Madonna's Rebel Heart tour wasn't just successful, it was wildly so — the tour broke the $100 million mark in March and it didn't even seem like Madonna broke a sweat. However, while you may have had your own rebel heart set on going, you may not have had Madonna-level funds to afford the tickets. If that was the case, well then, rejoice, because the Queen of Pop has been bountiful. Madonna's Rebel Heart tour is coming to TV near you, and you, mere mortal, will be able to watch it from the comfort of your living room — well, as long as you have Showtime. Bonus: the show doesn't just feature footage from her end-of-tour Australia shows but even includes footage of the star backstage, so this is even better than actually being there in person.

Let's face it — a star of Madonna's calibre packs out stadiums and even if you shell out for tickets you're often reduced to squinting at the big TV screen over the ant-sized person cavorting on the stage. The tour is coming to the channel for one night only, so pencil it into your diaries: Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour , will air Dec. 9 at 9 p.m. ET. From the sound of Madonna's pitch, it's going to be worth it: "Medieval warrior bitch goddess. That's what I'm going for." Oh, Madonna. I've missed you.

It's hardly surprising that the tour's coming to TV. It's been one of Madonna's most successful tours in years, with over a million tickets being sold and with Madonna making $170 million, which, according to Billboard, makes her the "highest grossing solo touring artist in Billboard Boxscore history (the archives go back to 1990) with a staggering $1.31 billion in total concert grosses." The tour was also well-received by critics, with everyone from The Guardian (who gave her five stars and said "There is no other performer like her") to Billboard ("Madonna's restless creative spirit is on full display on the Rebel Heart Tour") to the New York Times (who described her as "inviting the world to dance — a little nostalgic for once, but unstoppable.") giving her rave reviews.

In short, the critics loved her, the audiences loved her and you don't even have to pay. There's literally no good excuse not to tune in on Dec. 9.