'Daily Show' Mocks CitiBike Opponents

Here in New York City, the new bikeshare program, Citibike, is causing quite the stir. This is a city that thrives on the art of recreational complaining, and as soon as the bikes were installed last month, New Yorkers began their kvetching.

Well-to-do New Yorkers gripe that the new bikes take up too many parking spots. Hipsters with social justice lassiez-fair tendencies don't like that the bikes are sponsored by CitiBank. All fair points, but at the end of the day, I'd argue more people riding bikes in a polluted city (with an underfunded transportation system) is generally a good thing. How about focusing on some more pressing social justice issues, like say, Stop and Frisk, or access to fresh, affordable produce?

The Daily Show took on the CitiBike firestorm last night, and as usual, the people from BedStuy raised the best points...only to be mostly laughed at:

Image: Getty Images