Where To Buy Nasty Gal’s Hillary Clinton Merch To Show Your Support For The Presidential Candidate

During Wednesday night's, Donald Trump decided to "insult" Hillary Clinton by calling her a "nasty woman." Sadly for Trump, the rest of the female population simply wasn't having it. Instead of agreeing with his offensive comments, the ladies of the Internet stood up in support of #nastywomen everywhere, otherwise known as badass chicks who, like Hillary Clinton aren't afraid to speak their mind.

Among those #nastywoman to stand up in support of Clinton was none other than Sophia Amuruso, founder and CEO of NastyGal, who announced that the brand would be launching #NastyWoman merch in support of Hilary come November. Amoruso took to her personal Instagram on Thursday to show a mockup of the "Nasty Woman" bag, which sports a picture of Clinton wearing a leather jacket and studded choker on one side and says "Nasty Woman" in big, block letters on the other.

And the best part? All proceeds of the sales go to planned parenthood. So where can you buy these amazingly feminists totes? On Nastygal's (or should I say "Nastywoman's") website.

As a proud #nastywoman who sometimes re-wears sports bras and has zero problem speaking her mind, especially to jerky guys (one of those things is actually nasty, one is just something Donald Trump has a problem with), I personally can't wait to get my hands on the bag and am not the only one. Lena Dunham and I are on the same page, considering she commented on Amoruso's Instagram with three hearts.

There's no confirmed date as to when the totes will go on sale, but according to Teen Vogue when it does launch (hopefully soon!) the bags will retail for $48.

Images: SophiaAmoruso/Nastygal/Instagram