First 'Veronica Mars' Book Is Here, Listen To Kristen Bell Narrate The First Five Minutes

The Veronica Mars kickstarted movie hit theaters over a week ago, but Veronica's resurrection is far from done: The first in a new series of Veronica Mars books hit shelves today. Fittingly, Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, will be narrating the audiobooks. And now you can listen to the first five minutes of post-movie Mars.

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas officially announced the Bell as the audiobook's narrator through a message to Kickstarter backers this afternoon, writing:

I'm pleased that we were able to get an actor with Kristen's talent and experience. I tried to get the voice actress who played the narrator in Gossip Girl, but apparently she has a movie out that just did a billion dollars worldwide, so she's entirely out of our league now. I think you'll enjoy Ms. Bell's performance as the titular heroine of the book, nonetheless. You'll also hear her interpretations of all the other roles as well: Veronica voices Weevil! Veronica voices Cliff McCormack!

Bell's dealing with a lot more prose and a lot more of other character's perspectives here than she has in her previous voice-overs in the more visual mediums Veronica Mars has existed in, but she's got the chops. So take a listen for yourself and step once again into the world of Neptune. (Some language NSFW)

Image: Warner Bros