How To Stream 'The Walking Dead' Season 7

It's no secret that Sunday's premiere of The Walking Dead is going to be major. Just to avoid the huge spoiler that will be whoever Negan kills, I have a hunch that most fans will be tuned to AMC as soon as the episode airs. However, if you drew the short straw in your home and the television will be showing Westworld on Sunday night, or if you threw your TV set out the window after marathoning Black Mirror this weekend, here are some ways to stream The Walking Dead Season 7 and not miss a single heart-breaking moment.

First, you can stream AMC live on their website and mobile app with your cable information. That's probably the easiest way to make sure you catch the premiere on time and for no added charge. Also, most cable providers have streaming sites or apps that let you watch the channels you subscribe to live on your laptop or preferred device. If you are really in a bind, you could choose this moment to start a free seven day trial of Sling TV — which will of course only cover you for the premiere. Granted, Negan's actions may make you want to quit the show after just one episode, but it is a temporary option.

There's also the option, for fans with either a lot of social media control or a respectable disregard for spoilers, to stream the episodes the Monday after they air. If you take that route, look for the the episodes on AMC, your cable's OnDemand menu, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. Whether you like it or not, Negan is here and Season 7 is happening. With so many ways to watch and stream the new episodes, you basically have no excuse but to watch The Walking Dead and suffer along with everyone else. Strength in numbers, that's what I always say. I'm sure Rick Grimes will be on the upswing, no pun intended, in no time.

Image: Gene Page/AMC