Meryl Streep, Diablo Cody, & Jonathan Demme Team Up For Serious Award Season Bait

Well, this movie already radiates, and it hasn't even been produced yet. Meryl Streep, Diablo Cody, and Jonathan Demme are teaming up for a film that glows with potential critical adulation. Streep will star, Cody will write, Demme will direct, and we will FLOCK TO THE THEATERS.

The movie, which has yet to be titled, will star the always wonderful Streep as a woman who abandoned her family at a young age and flew off to the golden state in search of fame and fortune. Years later, she comes back to her hometown in hopes of being a mom again. We will play the audience that is glued to the screen.

The team collectively has five Oscars — Demme collected one for The Silence of The Lambs, Cody garnered one for Juno, and Streep has three, for Sophie's Choice, Kramer vs. Kramer, and The Irony Lady. That said, wherever Streep goes, the Academy follows...and nominates.

No word on who will produce it yet, but both Universal Pictures and Fox have expressed interest — after all, it seems like a surefire way to add another handful of awards to a mantelpiece. This is essentially a recipe in how to make a stellar movie.