20 Weird But Brilliant Pet Items On Amazon

People buy some weird but brilliant stuff for their pets on Amazon. Granted, they’ve got a pretty extensive pet section, so it does make sense that you can purchase some pretty bizarre products for your dog or cat. If you’re willing to sort through the most ridiculous stuff you can buy your furry friend (like a toy for sexually frustrated dogs and a hockey stick add-on that lets you fling your pet’s poop), you can actually find some strange yet ingenious things you had no idea you needed.

It’s relatively easy to find the best products for your pet sold on Amazon, and that’s because other people are buying them, too. They’ve got an awesome page called “Movers and Shakers,” which shows the products with a huge spike in sales over the past 24 hours, and it’s even got a subcategory for pet supplies. On top of that, customers are always leaving new and recent reviews, so you can easily see which bizarre but genius pet products have done wonders as far as improving Fido’s life — because nothing says “I am the happiest dog on the planet” quite like dog-healthy ice cream that’s made to taste like Maple Bacon.

1. This Cat House That’s Actually Heated

Heated Outdoor Kitty House, $48, Amazon

This heated outdoor kitty house is insulated, comfortable, and warm for your outdoor cats all winter long.

2. The Most Luxurious Poop-Cleaning Experience

Earth Rated Poop Bags Dispenser, $4, Amazon

This Earth Rated poop bags dispenser is pretty much as luxurious as picking up after your dog is going to get; the dispenser is convenient, light, and has a hook for the used bags, and the bags themselves are lavender scented.

3. Yes, There's Ice Cream For Your Dog

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix, $7, Amazon

Add water to this Puppy Scoops ice cream mix, freeze it, and your dog gets to enjoy Maple Bacon flavored ice cream.

4. People Are Loving This Dog Lion Mane

Dog’s Lion Mane Costume, $16, Amazon

This dog’s lion mane costume is the easiest way to dress up your pet for Halloween. It comes in eight different styles and colors, and it fits any medium-to-large dog.

5. Because Why Not Carry Your Dog Like Mail?

FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling Carrier, $23, Amazon

People are obsessing over this FurryFido reversible pet sling carrier, because if you’re not carrying your pet like a wad of mail, you’re doing it wrong.

6. Your Dog Now Has A Balcony

Merry Products Wood Pet Home, $80, Amazon

With kiln-dried cedar, natural wood stains, latticework, steps, and a balcony, this Merry Products wood pet home is probably more luxurious than your own home.

7. This Interactive & Rechargeable Fetch Machine

iFetch Too, $200, Amazon

If you get tired of fetch way before your dog does, the iFetch Too lets him play interactively by himself. It’s rechargeable, safe, and comes with three full-sized tennis balls.

8. Keep Your Pet’s Water Filtered And Moving

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Fountain, $35, Amazon

This Pioneer pet raindrop stainless steel fountain is trending like crazy, as the constant movement of the water is more appealing to your pet, and it filters by itself.

9. People Are Flipping Over This Weird Squirrel Toy

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy, $7, Amazon

This Outward hound hide-a-squirrel dog toy has over 7,000 reviews (!?) because apparently dogs go nuts over removing the squeaky squirrel toys from the tree.

10. This Non-Alcoholic Cat Wine

Meowsling Cat Wine, $5, Amazon

Infused with salmon oil and organic catnip, this Meowsling cat wine is a nice way to wind down after a full day of chasing yarn and doing other cat things.

11. And Beer For Your Dog

Bowser Beer, $25, Amazon

This six pack of Bowser beer has all sorts of natural, safe, and healthy vitamins that can be poured over your dog’s food, and you don’t even have to worry about hangovers.

12. A Car-Safety Zip Line

Kurgo Leash and Zipline Dog Vehicle Restraint, $22, Amazon

For all the dogs that try to jump into the front seat while you’re driving, there’s the Kurgo leash and zipline dog vehicle restraint, which hooks between handles in the car to keep your pet safe.

13. Because Wet Dogs Smell Bad

Lesypet Pet Umbrella, $15, Amazon

The Lesypet Pet Umbrella hangs over your pet while you’re walking them in the rain, so they stay dry and happy.

14. The Pet Equivalent Of Skype

Petcube Camera, $149, Amazon

For those of us who can’t stand to be away, the Petcube camera lets you see and hear your pet in an HD wide angle lens, and it’s got an interactive laser so you can play with them.

15. This Laptop For The Studious Cat

SUCK UK Cat Laptop, $26, Amazon

This SUCK UK cat laptop doesn’t actually work, but it does have a scratching board and a fluffy toy mouse to entertain your cat.

16. Hold Your Pets Close While You’re Going About Your Day

Women's Mewgaroo Pet Holder Hoodie (M-XXL), $65, Amazon

In addition to having cat hears on the hood, this Mewgaroo pet holder hoodie has a fur-lined pouch that cats or small dogs will love cuddling into.

17. This Grooming Glove That Feels Like A Massage

Better Petter Brush Glove, $10, Amazon

With this Better Petter brush glove, your pet feels like it’s getting a full-body massage, but the little silicon fingers are catching all the excess hair.

18. This Badass Bed For Cats And Small Dogs

Grey Shark Bed, $12, Amazon

Because nothing is more satisfying than seeing your pet chilling in the mouth of a shark, this grey shark bed is non-slip, damp proof, and made of self-warming material.

19. Because Painting Your Dog’s Nails Is Apparently Necessary

Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pen, $9, Amazon

Water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying, the Warren London 'Pawdicure' polish pen makes it easy to pamper your pup with 13 different colors.

20. This Luxury Tree House For Your Cats

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, $79, Amazon

With multiple tiers, tons of posts, two little rooms, and hanging mice, this Go Pet club cat tree has people (and cats) a little too excited.

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