This Vlogger Did Her Makeup Using Products From A Dollar Store & It Actually Looks Awesome

In a culture of Instagram makeup posts and makeup hauls, sometimes the choices we have can feel overwhelming and pricey. That said, you don't have to use expensive makeup to look amazing, as proven by this dollar store makeup tutorial by YouTuber ItsMyRayeRaye.

Not only is Raye's look pretty much flawless, but all products used in the tutorial only cost one dollar. This is beauty on a budget taken to a whole new level — these prices are even better than anything you'd find at a drugstore. In this creative and resourceful video, vlogger Raye makes a point that a beautiful face of makeup doesn't have to break the bank: A face on fleek could only be a few dollars away.

As for the products, they should be available at your local Dollar Tree — you can also buy online, but only in bulk. The brands are still noted throughout the video, just in case you want to copy Raye's makeup product by product, step by step. If you love Raye's results and want 24 tubes of the Sassy + Chic foundation Raye uses in this video, go right ahead and buy it. After all, for merely $1 per tube, you'll have enough foundation to last you the year for only $24.

As well as only using makeup products from the dollar store, Raye only used brushes and sponges that cost her a dollar, too. Although certain points, she had to use her fingers to apply or blend in different products, the end result was not much different than if she used a name brand brush or beauty blender.

What's also great about Raye's tutorial is that she doesn't edit out any mistakes she makes as she plays with these products. Even though her attempt at concealer doesn't go incredibly favorably, she recovers the look with a darker powder shade.

You may notice that Raye uses a lot of L.A. Colors cosmetics in the tutorial, even going so far to praise one of their blushes as being an old favorite of hers. Her enthusiasm for such a cheap brand just goes to show that even if you've got over a million subscribers on YouTube for your makeup skills, sometimes the cheaper brands are still the best.

Her eyeshadows and lip colors (again, all of them each one single dollar) create a beautiful shimmery bronze eye and a deep, dramatic lip. Raye finishes by stacking eyelashes together to make them thicker before applying them to her eyes. The finished look is gorgeous.

As Raye says throughout the video, these products are ones that she used to use before she could afford high end versions. Instead of making this video to mock dollar store makeup, Raye is proving that it doesn't matter about the tools you have, but the skill with which you apply them. Even if you have the best makeup collection in the world, knowing how to apply it is everything.

Images: Courtesy ItsMyRayeRaye/YouTube