DJ Khaled Documented His Son's Birth

by Caitlyn Callegari

When it comes to giving birth, things are inevitably different now than back when our parents were having kids. Like, back the, maybe your parent brought in the video camera while mom gave birth to you. But that was pretty much as far as it could go behind-the-scenes wise of birthing. For kids born in the year 2016, things are very different, thanks to social media. For example, DJ Khaled documented his son's birth on both Snapchat and Instagram over the weekend, and it's as endearing as it is oddly entertaining to witness.

While continually expressing his gratitude towards not just god, but his fiance, Nicole Tuck, for the impending birth of his child, DJ Khaled also managed to give fans a dad's eye view of what it's like to wait for a baby to be born. And, though it's arguably a million times less strenuous for him than it is for Tuck, it was still pretty heartwrenching to see the DJ so nervous and anxious for his fiance and son. Plus, live-snapping a birth on top of all that emotional turmoil isn't easy, but it's clear that the social media star was too proud of his family to not share the hallowed event. While some might say it was a bit intrusive, if Tuck was cool with it, that's all that matters.

Here are just some of the Instagram posts and snaps from DJ Khaled's sons birth, of the less explicit variety, because this is an undoubtedly sweet and iconic play-by-play you definitely don't want to miss.

When He Kissed His Fiance's Belly

One last time before he'd meet his son.

When He Showed Their Solidarity Through Contractions

This is such a gorgeous, metaphorical photo. It shows they really were in this together.

When He Was Caught Up In The Moment

Oh, poor DJ Khaled. The torture will be over soon.

When They Enjoyed Some Downtime Together

Calm before the storm.

When He Was Hands On

So precious.

When He Finally Got To Meet His Son

What a moment to have snapped. Hope it was saved to his Snap Memories.

When He Snapped This Picture That Told 1000 Words

I'm not getting emotional, you are. *Sniffles*

When He Showed How Happy And Grateful He And His Mother Were To Their Doctor

Nothing like getting to witness a grandma's instant joy.

When He Got His Son's Footprint Stamped On Him

<3 <3 <3

The social media story of DJ Khaled's sons birth was an emotional rollercoaster, but it was one I was definitely glad I buckled in for.

Images: DJ Khaled/Snapchat