Watch Obama & Usher Dance To "Hotline Bling"

When President Barack Obama hears that "Hotline Bling," even he knows it can only mean one thing. The ubiquitous 2015 hit song by Drake is still famous for its music video, which has inspired so many jokes and memes about the rapper's dance moves over the past year. And now, even the commander-in-chief is getting in on the action. According to The Shade Room, Usher took a video of President Obama dancing to "Hotline Bling" at the BET Love & Happiness: A Musical Experience after party at the White House, and it just proves that even POTUS can't help but get down to the popular track.

The short video is mostly shot from below with Usher visible, but if you stick around for more than a few seconds, it becomes clear that the singer and the president are posing for a photo or just chilling together. Soon, Obama breaks out his moves with Usher and the crowd cheers him on. "Yeah, this is how we do," Usher says into the camera, before singing along to "Hotline Bling." The R&B crooner then pans the camera over to the president, who is singing and dancing along with the crowd. It's pretty great.

On Oct. 21, the White House hosted BET’s Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience, a concert that "celebrates the music that has shaped America," said Obama in video of his event speech posted by the White House. The Obamas began holding the celebration of music eight years ago, when the president first took office, according to People, and, in the president's speech, he expressed sadness that this was his final event. But he also noted that things weren't going to get too crazy. Obama joked to the audience that, despite the name of the event, he would not be singing a song by the legendary Al Green (who has a famous tune with that title) and there wouldn't be any twerking. "At least not by me," the president said with a laugh. "I don’t know about Usher."

In any case, Usher and Obama still got down to "Hotline Bling" and it looked like a blast.