Emilia Clarke Celebrated Her Birthday 'GOT'-Style

While Daenerys is only in her early 20s on Game of Thrones (and a teen in the books), the actor who plays her just turned 30. Emilia Clarke spent her birthday on the Game of Thrones set, presumably on the islet in Basque Country where she was last spotted, since one thing about being an adult is that, sometimes, you have to work on your birthday. However, things didn't look too serious on set, judging by Clarke's Instagram. The star posted a picture of herself, apparently in costume as Daenerys, alongside people dressed as Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants. Clearly, it was a fun-filled birthday extravaganza.

But ho are the people in the costumes? Clarke's caption appears to divulge some lies and some truths: "Please note: THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS. And show runners. And a brand new thirty year old. And Jon Snow's mum. #butnosneekypaps #vivalagameofthronesbithdays 🎉🍻🙌 #waitisthatchanningtatum?!" Obviously, Clarke is the brand new 30-year-old, and it seems likely that Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are the ones in the costumes. Their relative heights seem to match up with the picture. And sorry, GoT fans, "Jon Snow's mum" is probably just a joking reference to all the speculations about Jon Snow's parentage. But who knows? Dora could be a Stark.

This isn't the first time I've gotten the sense that the Game of Thrones set is a super fun place to be. Occasionally, the cast's Instagram posts or Snapchats reveal what it's like behind the scenes, and things seem a lot less grim than the show itself. Most of the actors seem really close, and it's awesome that the showrunners are so goofy. Clarke is always posting funny observations from her experiences on set, and then there's the hilarious and adorable friendship between Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. Apparently, there are some dance parties as well.

The question remains: why did Clarke celebrate her birthday with Dora and SpongeBob? Did the showrunners have those costumes lying around and throw them on to celebrate, or is Clarke a big fan of children's cartoons? Whatever the reason, I definitely don't think they should get rid of the costumes after this occasion. Instead, the crew should dress up actors in the character costumes while they walk around set to avoid spoiler-filled images getting out to the hungry public. I can see the headline now: Spoiler Imager From The Game of Thrones Set Reveal Jon Snow Reuniting With...SpongeBob.