23 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Best Friend That Are Perfect For Your 2016 Holiday Celebrations

So, you got your bestie for Secret Santa? Firstly, you're so lucky, because who better to shop for than your BFF, and secondly, you might want to bookmark this best friend Secret Santa gift guide. It's got just about every cute item on the internet listed on it for your perusing pleasure — I'm really not kidding. Seriously, I'm not.

From emoji pins and adult coloring kits to cat-inspired flasks and metal chokers, you'll find an eclectic mix of gifts below that will suit just about every kind of best friend. Whatever their style — eclectic to edgy to chill — these gifts will suffice. (Actually, they'll do more than just suffice, they'll go above and beyond.) And, even better, nothing will break the bank, they'll just make your bestie giddy with happiness. 'Tis the season of joy, after all.

Have a scroll and see what speaks to you. If you're anything like me, it will be just about everything on this list. You likely know your best friend well, so now the only real challenge will be limiting yourself on what to buy them. It's going to be tough to cut anything (I mean, Hello Kitty Moleskines!?), but you can do it.

1. Pintrill Emoji Pin

Wear your heart on your sleeve... literally, with these emoji pins. Emojis really say it all these days, so why not plaster them all over yourself? Know your best friend well? Then you'll know exactly which one to get them!

Pintrill Emoji Pin, $12, Madewell

2. Standard Navy Constellation Baggu

You can never go wrong with a Baggu. This Navy Constellation bag is about as cool as it gets — but in a "going green" sort of way, which is important. Help a friend help the planet.

Standard Navy Constellation Baggu, $9, Baggu

3. Rome Pink Sunglasses

You can never own too many pairs of sunglasses, and the same goes for your best friend. Plus, the ombre non-prescription lenses in these bad boys are insta-cool. The frosted pink body isn't too shabby either. J'adore.

Rome Pink Sunglasses For Women, $42, Eyebuydirect

4. Bijou Winter Pine Candle

Bijou candles are the best for a couple of reasons. Firstly, their scents are beautifully curated. Secondly, their packaging is amazing (think hand-wrapped, floral-patterned paper). Thirdly, their holders are reusable and able to be easily repurposed. Get one for your bestie, they deserve it.

Bijou Winter Pine Candle, $32, Bijoucandles

5. ILY Couture Jenna Plaid Scarf

Bundle up your best friend in ILY Couture's Jenna Plaid Scarf, which combines the perfect pairing of Christmas-y plaid with a trendy fringed cut. It's warm, it's stylish, and it's basically the perfect Secret Santa gift.

ILY Couture Jenna Plaid Scarf, $38, ILY Couture

6. Ban.do 17 Month Classic Lady Of Leisure Agenda Planner

Stickers, an inside pocket, cheerful illustrations, and color-coded month tabs... has a cuter planner ever existed? I don't think so. Help your friend get ahead of the game with this gorgeous (yet fun) 17-month planner by the iconic ban.do brand.

Ban.do 17 Month Classic Lady of Leisure Agenda Planner, $20, luluandgeorgia

7. Chloe Choker 2

Handmade in Los Angeles, the Chloe Choker 2 is a dream come true in the form of jewelry. An adjustable lobster claw clasp makes for an ideal fit, and the glittering gold and white band is unlike anything else you'll see in stores.

Chloe Choker 2, $48, Cult Gaia

8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

Polaroid pictures are back, and they are still as much fun as they've always been. Let your best friend go vintage with one of these babies. I promise, selfies look way cooler when they're on film.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera, $70, Urban Outfitters

9. Ear For The Party Earrings

I only have two words for these: Super and cute.

Ear for the Party Earrings, $13, Modcloth

10. Ventev Powercell 3015 Battery Charger

Do you have a friend whose phone is constantly running out of battery from all of the texting, calling, and social media-ing they're constantly doing? If so, then what better gift to get them than a portable battery charger? This lightweight charger by Ventev is sleek but packs a lot of power in its punch.

Ventev Powercell 3015 Battery Charger, $35, Ventev

11. Join Me Fur A Drink Flask

"Paw me another." You guys... come on. Your best friend needs this, end of story. No, seriously, I have nothing else to say on the matter. Get it done.

Join Me Fur a Drink Flask, $15, Modcloth

12. Glass Drop Necklace

Stunning, right? Choose between Smoke, Pineapple, Opal, Clear Aqua, and Jade colored glass tear drops. There's one to suit every personality, including your bestie. Hung from an 18 inch chain, this necklace falls elegantly around any neckline.

Glass Drop Necklace, $54, Wedreamincolor

13. Prismacolor Adult Coloring Kit

Adult coloring books are probably the most therapeutic activity on the planet right now, and Prismascolors' new Adult Coloring Kit takes things up another notch by providing 24 of their softcore colored pencils in the mix. A blender pencil, illustration marker, eraser, and pencil sharpener are also included in the kit, because sometimes it's nice to color outside of the lines.

Prismacolor Adult Coloring Kit, $25, Walmart

14. 2017 Appointment Calendar by Rifle Paper Co.

Anyone who isn't obsessed with Rifle Paper Company's calendars is clearly blind. OK, maybe that was a little bit harsh... but seriously, how can you not love anything this company puts out? This wall calendar is no exception, with its floral patterns that'll make your heart melt with every turn of the page.

2017 Appointment Calendar by Rifle Paper Co., $26, Readbetweenthelines

15. BaubleBar Earring Gift Set

Is there any earring more appropriate for the holiday season than tassels? I think not, and with this beautiful tri-pack gift set from BaubleBar, you'd be crazy not to gift your bestie one of these sets for the holidays. The black set offers elegance, the blush set offers femininity, and the pink set offers a good time all around.

BaubleBar Earring Gift Set, $68, Baublebar

16. ILY Couture Pom Pom Grey Beanie

The holidays generally mean it's time to bust out the beanies, and this pom-pom knit is one of my favorites. Somehow managing to mix cool with cute, you can't go wrong completing any winter outfit with this hat.

ILY Couture Pom Pom Grey Beanie, $23, ILY Couture

17. For The Love Print by RBTL

You really have to know a person before you buy them a print... so good thing you know your bestie. This "For The Love" print comes in your choice of gold, red, or pink foil stamp and was made on a vintage letterpress. So sweet.

For The Love Print by RBTL, $14, readbetweenthelines

18. Hello Kitty Moleskine

I'm pretty certain that there's no finer notebook around than the Moleskine, and while a classic, black leather notebook never goes out of style, their character-inspired journals are just as tempting. Hello Kitty, anyone? Yes, yes, and yes.

Hello Kitty Moleskine, $25, Moleskine

19. Orchard Marble Rumba Watch

This Rumba watch manages to scream elegance and modernity at the same time. Its silicone band is soft on the skin, and the marble face adds a visual texture that instantly catches the eye. Simply stunning.

Orchard Marble Rumba Watch, $60, Rumbatime

20. MUK LUKS Fuzzy Amira Slipper

How can anyone look at these fuzzy slippers and not simply fall to pieces (in a good way, of course)? I almost don't want to write a thing about them, because they're that self-explanatory. The word "cushy" has just been redefined.

MUK LUKS Fuzzy Amira Slipper, $40, Urban Outfitters

21. Five and Two Venus Choker Necklace in Silver

Yes, there are two choker necklaces on this list. No, that was not a mistake. The choker trend is huge right now, and while the classic black velvet versions have been making the rounds, metal is sure to be the next wave of cool.

Five and Two Venus Choker Necklace in Silver, $36, Cameonouveau

22. The Reusable Canvas Tote

It's lightweight, but sturdy, and super chic — everything your best friend has ever wanted and more. It's also huge, so she can carry her laptop in it no problem.

The Reusable Canvas Tote, $5, Madewell

23. Baublebar Initial Bar Pendant

Nothing quite says friendship like a pair of matching necklaces. OK, so maybe you've been over the bestie necklace trend since the fourth grade, but that doesn't mean you can get your BFF their own specially inscribed piece of neck bling. This Initial Bar Pendant necklace from Baublebar is timeless, just like your best friend.

Baublebar Initial Bar Pendant, $38, Baublebar

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