13 Inspiring Election Day Memes That Will Make You Even More Excited To Vote

The number of days until election day is finally low enough to count on your fingers and toes... crazy, right? If you're in need of a little motivation, these 13 inspiring election day memes should get you feeling excited about the big day ahead of us. Nov. 8 is likely going to be the most important day of 2016, so it's OK to be a little nervous — but if you can manage to switch those anxious feels to excited feels, that's the way to go.

The actual act of voting isn't difficult. You just walk to your polling station, sign in, and then enter the voting booth to cast your vote. Simple! It's actually the preparation and research required before you actually do vote that ends up being the time-consuming part of it all. Hopefully, you've been staying up to date with this election (and I don't just mean the presidential part... I also mean the laws, policies, and regulations). If you haven't been, then it's time to hit the books (or more realistically, the web).

Before you get to studying, though, take a moment to enjoy these 13 hilariously inspiring memes below. The presidential election only comes around every four years, so make sure your vote counts, because it will be a long time before you get to have another say about who is running this country.

Not to start things off with vulgar language... but he's got a point.

The winning one, of course.

Make sure you vote!

Gah, so cute.

If you're reading this, you're (probably) not a cat... which means you can vote! No excuses.

It's a big day for us, Queen Elizabeth!

You win one, you lose one.

Let's have as many people who show up on Black Friday show up at the polls.

Don't worry, it will all be finished soon enough.

It really, really would. Like, really.

Yeah, pretty much.

To each their own.

I would be frowning too, Grumpy Cat.

Images: Elliott Stallion/Unsplash; MemeCenter