New Drake Music Is Officially On The Way

by Nicole Pomarico

There are few things in this world that are better than waking up on a Monday morning to brand new Drake music. And if you agree with that statement, you're about to have the best week ever. While appearing on OVO Sound Radio on Sunday night, Drake announced his new project, More Life , and dropped the first three tracks. It was his birthday, so why is he the one giving gifts?! Oh, and by the way, if you believed the theory that Drake would drop new music in honor of his 30th, you owe yourself a giant pat on the back for being right.

So what exactly is More Life? According to the rapper himself, it's not an album, it's more of a playlist — but the playlist is all original music, so it's basically a dream come true. I mean, it may have been less than a year since Views dropped, but is it ever too soon for more new stuff from this guy?! He teased that some of the music will include collaborators, too... and that this project is all about celebrating life. He also released the cover art on Instagram Sunday night, much to the delight of his followers.

And if you missed the announcement in real time, don't worry. Here's how Drake described More Life , according to Hip Hop 'N More:

"I’m off, like, mix tapes. I want to do a playlist. I want to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life, so this More Life: The Playlist. Like I said, dropping in December. All original music from me. You might hear some tunes from the family on there. Just really excited. I had a great tour, I had a great summer. And most people would like go probably take a break, but for me I just want to get right back to it . . . But yeah, I just want to celebrate life. More life. That’s what we live by. That’s something we should not take for granted."

And although you can listen to all of More Life when it's officially released in December, the newly minted 30-year-old also premiered three new songs you can already download and listen to on iTunes: "Sneakin'", "Two Birds, One Stone," and "Fake Love."

This has taught us all a valuable lesson, I think. Be on guard at all times, because you never know when Drake will decide to surprise everyone with brand new music. The only solution: Never, ever, ever leave your computer.