Harassing Mayor to Give Keynote On Sexual Assault

In honor of hump day here's a story...that's probably not going to help.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D) admitted to sexual harassment last week. But he's not resigning. Instead, Filner is insisting that he will seek counseling while serving out his term.

So, what kind of sexual harassment did Filner commit? An ill-conceived lewd remark? A relatively minor offense that a bit of counseling and reflection would likely help?

Not quite. One woman, a volunteer on his campaign, says Filner grabbed her and "rammed his tongue down her throat." Later, he reportedly got in her car, stuck his hand under her bra, and tried to kiss her against her will.

Another woman also said Filner kissed her against her will, and a third victim said Filner told her she would work better "without your panties on."

These women were all afraid to come forward. Instead, three of his close political allies made statements on the women's behalf in order to share their experiences and call on Filner to step down.

If the mayor is guilty of these charges, his actions could qualify as sexual assault. (He did not actually provide any details of the incidents when he gave his apologetic remarks.) But here's the twist: Filner was supposed to be an award recipient for his anti-sexual assault work at an event hosted by the National Military Women Veterans Association of America.

Filner was stripped of the honor, but the group asked him to deliver a keynote address speaking about his own scandal instead — to an audience of sexual assault victims.

Because they haven't been through enough.